Do cherry pits have cyanide?

Cherry seeds contain cyanide, as do the seeds of apricots, peach, plums  bitter almonds and the seeds of other pit or pome fruits (pear, apple). Cyanide is generated by breaking down amygdalin present in cherry seeds. Its function is clear, together with the bone, it protects the seed, thus preventing predators from eating them. In … Read moreDo cherry pits have cyanide?

Why do cherry trees dry up?

There are several reasons why cherry trees dry up. Inadequate pruning, pest attack, diseases, water stress… Inadequate cherry tree pruning Improperly cherry pruning, especially if cutting the main branches, can cause irreversible damage to the tree. Cherry trees can dry out if major cuts are made to the branches and healing paste is not applied … Read moreWhy do cherry trees dry up?

Are cherry trees deciduous or evergreen?

Given the concern about leaf drop, in areas where its cultivation is not common, it is common question whether are cherry trees deciduous or evergreen tree. Undoubtedly, much of the charm of the cherry tree (Prunus Avium) is due to the fact that it is a deciduous tree with its precious seasonal contrasts. We can enjoy … Read moreAre cherry trees deciduous or evergreen?

Pruning cherry trees: Quality Cherries

Before starting to pruning cherry trees, it is important to decide the objectives to be achieved. Thus, when cherry trees in a commercial plantation are pruned, what is sought is to obtain the highest number of quality cherries possible. The price of quality cherries more easily exceeds the break-even point of the farm.Cherry picking and … Read morePruning cherry trees: Quality Cherries

How to do a bark graft in cherry or fruit trees?

The bark grafting trees is a type of graft suitable for fruit trees like the olive or cherry…  It is used when the trunk diameter is too large to use the bench cherry trees Graft or Cleft Graft. Bark grafting can be used on: Cherry, Almond, Plum, Orange, Lemon, olive, apricot, grapefruit, apple, avocado… How to grafting cherry trees ? … Read moreHow to do a bark graft in cherry or fruit trees?

How much does a cherry weigh? 5, 10, 15, 20 grams…

To find out how much does a cherry weigh approximately, it is necessary to know its size or caliber (22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 mm) and shape (rounded, cordate, reniform…). With these dimensions the weight of a cherry can vary considerably, from just 3-4 grams for the very small size to 20 … Read moreHow much does a cherry weigh? 5, 10, 15, 20 grams…

Sentennial ® Cherry (SPC 103)

The Sentennial cherry is a variety that ripens extra late, obtained by the Summerland station (Canada). Comes from open pollinated seeds of the variety SweetHeart, also known by the name SPC 103 and by its references in the 13S testing range -21-23 and 23 166 csp. Cherry SPC 103 is registered under the patent number … Read moreSentennial ® Cherry (SPC 103)

How to make cherry vinegar? Homemade recipe

Would you like to know how the delicious cherry vinegar is make? We teach you all the tricks so that you can make cherry balsamic vinegar in a simple way with a 100% homemade recipe. When making cherry vinegar, it is important to know the process by which the vinegar is produced, so that we … Read moreHow to make cherry vinegar? Homemade recipe

Sweet Aryana® (PA1UNIBO)

The Sweet Aryana cherry (PA1UNIBO) is a new and interesting early-ripening variety, obtained by researchers from the University of Bologna (Italy). The variety is registered in the varietal register of the European Union by Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Approved in 2018, the rights for its multiplication will be extended until the year 2048. … Read moreSweet Aryana® (PA1UNIBO)

Why is my cherry tree not producing fruit?

There are several causes why a cherry tree does not producing fruit or gives them in very little cherries quantity.  Insufficient age, pollination problems, weather conditions, diseases, improper pruning… Vigorous and growing tree During the first years the cherry trees barely produce flowers and many of them do not set. Although the new varieties and management … Read moreWhy is my cherry tree not producing fruit?

Pitting or superficial depression in cherries (Postharvest problems)

One of the common problems that arise after the postharvest of cherries and storage in cold rooms is the pitting or superficial depression. The appearance of the cherry is essential to achieve good sale pricesin the market and these dents are the perfect excuse to lower prices. It must be taken into account that pitting … Read morePitting or superficial depression in cherries (Postharvest problems)

Pollination of the cherry tree

Cherry breeders seek to achieve varieties of self fertile cherry trees due to their higher productivity. They also take into account other fundamental aspects for obtaining new varieties of cherry (precocity, flavor, size, firmness, chill hours, resistance to diseases…). Therefore, some cherry varieties are still sterile and need to bloom alongside other compatible varieties. When … Read morePollination of the cherry tree

Hojiblanca vs Picual

After reading our publication abaut Hojiblanca vs Picual you will be able to choose more easily between these olive tree varieties. We have broken down the differences between the Hojiblanca and Picual olive oil, as well as the characteristics of Picual and Hojiblanca olive trees. The peculiarities of the different olive varieties (Picual, Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, Arbequina, Manzanilla…). … Read moreHojiblanca vs Picual

Cherry chill hours

Cherry chill hours requirements vary significantly between the different cherry tree varieties. Deciduous fruit trees require a rest period during winter. This phase is called chill accumulation requirements or needs. These requirements are the result of the climatic adaptation of the different fruit species to their environment. Breaking the sleep depends on the accumulation of … Read moreCherry chill hours

Cherry color: White, Bicolor, Red, Garnet, Blackish…

The different cherry color shades provide information on the optimal state of maturation of a given cherry variety. There are color charts like those usually used to select the cherry color of the hair dye, decoration, paint… The usual thing when we think of the cherry color, is that reddish tones come to mind. Although … Read moreCherry color: White, Bicolor, Red, Garnet, Blackish…

Cherry (fruit, plant, tree, properties, price…)

The cherry is an attractive and exquisite-tasting fruit. It is one of the first fruits of season. In Spain, production starts in April, although we can buy cherries of Spanish origin until August. Benefits and properties of cherry Each fruit has different characteristics and chemical composition. In particular, the properties of cherryhave proven beneficial or … Read moreCherry (fruit, plant, tree, properties, price…)

Cherry characteristics

The new varieties have achieved significant improvements in the characteristics of cherry and cherry. Canadian and European Canadian research centers have managed to obtain new varieties of cherry with excellent characteristics. The most valued characteristics of a variety of cherry trees are: precocity, productivity, resistance and production of quality cherries. Some cherry varieties with interesting … Read moreCherry characteristics