Starking cherry

Starking Cherry, also known as Stark Hardy Giant. It was obtained in United States by a private breeder of Wisconsin. The cross that caused this variety is unknown.

Cherry branch Starking, very productive and weeping tree, Starking cherry, Stark Hardy Giant

Stark Hardy Giant, is registered since year 1996 in the Spanish Variety Register.

Characteristics of Starking cherry

Flowering: Starking cherry is self-sterile of medium bloom. Starking belongs to group I (S1S2) of pollinators. Among others, you can pollinate with Burlat (Group XVI), Bing (Group III), Van (Group II).

Maturation: The variety of Cherry Starking, matures 14 days of Burlat. It is a cherry of medium maturation.

Productivity: Starking, has a very high productivity. Once fruited, it tends to overload. The size of the cherry is affected by the overload, an appropriate pruning, can help us to control this factor and obtain acceptable calibres.

Vigor and carriage of the tree: Starking tree is vigorous and carriage open.

Morphological Characteristics of Starking cherry

Size: The size of the fruit is medium-thick, the Cherry Starking has a caliber between 27 and 28mm.

Form: Starking, the cherry has a round-shaped shape.

Skin color: The variety of cherry Starking, has a garnet color at maturity.

Pulp color: When the cherry is ripe, it shows pulp color red.

Taste: Stark Hardy Giant cherries have a very good flavor. Under my personal opinion, this cherry presents a good flavor, but it does not reach the top level of the cherry Sunburst or Go .

Firmness: Starking Cherries are Firm. This characteristic allows a very wide collection margin for this cherry variety and is essential for the post-harvest life time.

Cracked Resistance: Stark Hardy Giant is rated with a medium resistance to cracking. Other consulted sources catalog it as having low sensitivity to cracking.

Cracked area: Damages caused by cracking or cracking are in the peduncular zone. Cracked wounds tend to be shallow, and can heal if the weather is right.

Length of peduncle: The Starking cherry has a long peduncle length. Aspect that slightly facilitates the speed of collection

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Maintains productions constant and elevated. Resistant to cracking.

Negative aspects: Sensitive to virosis. Needs pollinator Existence of varieties with better characteristics for the ripening period. The sale prices are lower than for other larger varieties.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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