Sandon Rose cherry

The variety of Sandon Rose Cherry is a cross between (Star x Van) with (Van x Stella ). This crossing could be compared to a cherry Cross Cristalina with Lapins . Variety obtained in Canada by the Summerland station.

Cherry tree, Sandon Rose cherry, early cherry resistant to cracking

Sandon Rose cherry, variety of cherry Sandon Rose, early cherry

Curiosities: Surprising that despite its excellent characteristics, it is a little known and widespread variety. For its early maturation, large size, shape, flavor and firmness, the first sale prices, for this cherry.

Characteristics of the variety of Sandon Rose cherry

Flowering: Sandon Rose cherry is a variety of self-fertile cherry. It is a very early flowering cherry (it blooms before March 24). It belongs to Group III pollinators. Its very early flowering makes it a risky cherry for climates with risks of frost.

Maturation: Sandon Rose, is a variety of early maturation. It reaches its point of maturity 10 days after Burlat.

Productivity: Sandon Rose is a variety of cherry with elevated productivity.

Vigor and carriage of the tree: The variety of cherry Sandon Rose, is of scarce vigor and the bearing of the tree is medium or semi-erect.

Morphological characteristics of the Sandon Rose cherry

Size: Sandon Rose cherry, has a size very thick to reach maturity. The variety of cherry has a size of 29-30 mm. Usually, cherry buying points are willing to pay a higher price for large fruits.

Form: Sandon Rose cherries have Cordiform form. Heart-shaped cherries tend to be more valued by the market.

Skin color: Sandon Rose variety , has a garnet color when it reaches maturity.

Pulp color: The flesh of Sandon rose, is Red.

Taste: Sandon Rose is considered as a good flavor variety.

Firmness: Sandon Rose cherry, is firm or has good firmness. Hard cherries, usually hold better handling and transport, being an important advantage to consider.

Due to its large size, heart-shaped form of fruit, date of early maturation, good firmness and flavor. You should get good selling prices for this cherry variety.

Crack Resistance: The variety of cherry Sandon Rose, has good resistance to cracking, cracking or splitting. This characteristic makes it a very interesting variety in climates with risk of rain.

Cracked area.

Length of the peduncle: Sandon Rose has a peduncle of length media.

Drop the peduncle at maturity, therefore, some authors consider it as cherry type pillory . This property can help us reduce collection times and increase our collection capacity. The cherry without tail or “pillory”, buyers is more appreciated by sellers (after the harvest) and buyers.

Positive aspects: Self-fertile variety. It allows the collection without tail. Cherry of excellent quality, good flavor, size and firmness. Release the peduncle, facilitating collection.

Negative aspects: Flowering is very precocious, there being a greater risk of frost compared to other varieties.

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A significant part of the information has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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