Cherry characteristics

cherry characteristics, characteristics of the most valued cherry, firmness, size, flavor, Better cherry characteristics...The new varieties have achieved significant improvements in the characteristics of cherry and cherry.

Canadian and European Canadian research centers have managed to obtain new varieties of cherry with excellent characteristics.

The most valued characteristics of a variety of cherry trees are: precocity, productivity, resistance and production of quality cherries.

Some cherry varieties with interesting features: Frisco, Samba, Royal Tioga, Crystal, Nimba, Black Star, Royal Helen, Sabrina

Desired characteristics of the cherry

huge cherries, giant cherries, fat cherries, extra large cherriesThe characteristics of the cherry most valued by consumers are size, firmness and flavor.

For their part, greengrocers want cherries that retain their properties for weeks. It is important that the fruit is not very sensitive to fungi such as the Monilia.

The farmer wants cherries that are resistant to cracking and that can be kept in the tree for as long as possible. The speed of harvesting is also important, which is why cherries with long peduncles are preferred.

In addition, to obtain good selling prices, the cherries produced must have the characteristics desired by consumers.

The cherry color also has an influence on the purchase decision. In Spain they like the maroon cherries, however, in countries like China the white cherries and bicolor are very much appreciated.

Cherry tree: Important characteristics

The cherry tree must meet the requirements of the farmer and help make the exploitation viable. It must be able to obtain high yields, maintaining the quality of the cherry.

The cherry plantation is a very important investment that will take several years to bear fruit. The precocity is a very important aspect, the new varieties of cherry reduce several years the entrance in production. So that it is possible to improve the profitability of the crop.

Easy-to-form trees that branch easily are sought. Although in high-density plantations the sprouting is forced making incisions in the branches or using commercial products such as Promalina®.

Another good feature for the cherry tree is self-fertility. However, it has lost importance with respect to quality and size, breeders have a preference for self-fertile cherry varieties.

In order to increase the planting area of ​​the cherry tree, varieties with few cold requirements and that manage to produce well in climates are sought warm

Although we can control it using rootstock, the vigor of the cherry variety is another relevant feature.

For vigorous and unproductive varieties it is good to use rootstocks of low vigor. On the other hand, for cherry trees with low vigor and high productivity, it is important to plant vigorous patterns to obtain quality cherries.

cherry tree nurseries want varieties to be compatible with patterns such as Adara, widely demanded by farmers.

Disease resistance is another cherry characteristic much desired.A tree resistant to pests and diseases of the cherry tree, will be healthier and can produce better quality cherries. Despite the resistance that can be obtained, the farmer must protect the trees by applying the necessary treatments.


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