Cherry color: White, Bicolor, Red, Garnet, Blackish…

Cherry color, classification of the cherry by colors, UPOV key and CTIFL key, cherry color tableThe different cherry color shades provide information on the optimal state of maturation of a given cherry variety.

There are color charts like those usually used to select the cherry color of the hair dye, decoration, paint

The usual thing when we think of the cherry color, is that reddish tones come to mind. Although there are also varieties of cherries of white.

There are several cherries color ranges, the best known are those developed by UPOV and CTIFL.

UPOV range of cherry colors

UPOV is the a International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Due to this reason, its range of cherry colors is wider. This allows you to cover all the colors that can currently be found in cherries.

UPOV cherry color chart
2Flushed yellow
3Orange red
4Light red
6Brownish red
7Dark red

The correspondence with varieties would be as follows.

Correspondence varieties and cherries color, UPOV table
YellowWhite of Provence
Flushed yellowNapoleon, Sue
Orange redStarblush
Light redRoyal Hazel, Royal Tioga
Cherry redSunburst, Colorado Peak, Symphony
brownish redKordia, Lapins, Burlat, New Star
Dark redRoyal Bailey, Sabrina, Nimba, Brooks
BlackishSomerset, Black Star, Crystal, Bing, Pico Negro

Cherry color: CTIFL range

Cherry color range made by the interprofessional technical center for fruits and vegetables, located in France.

It is a color scale better adapted to the European market, with a preference for red cherries.

CTIFL cherry color chart
1Light red
3Mahogany Red
5Dark Mahogany
6Dark mahogany

In this case, an approximation with the colors of the following varieties could be established.

Correspondence between color and cherry varieties, CTIFL table
Light redRoyal Hazel, Royal Tioga
RedPacific Red, Sunburst, Royal Helen, Staccato
Mahogany RedPrime Giant, Summit, Canada Giant, Giant Red
MahoganySweet Early, Carmen, Grace Star
Dark MahoganyRocket, Early Red, Sonata
Dark mahoganyNew Moon, Crystalline, Garnet
BlackishSomerset, Black Star, Bing

Using the different cabbage letters, we can determine what color are the cherries of our garden.

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A significant part of the information, has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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