Early Lory cherry

Early Lory cherry, is a collection made in France by Pierre Argot . Its origin is a varietal cross between Starking and Burlat in 1977 . He also knows Early Lory with the names Earlise and Rivedel . The variety Early Lory, is registered in the European varietal record with the name Rivedel since 1995. The rights of exploitation of the variety extend until the year 2025, being necessary the authorization of the publisher, to be able to make its multiplication.

 Early Lory cherry Rivedel, Variety Earlise

Curiosities: Its main drawback is its high sensitivity to rain. During this year 2017, it snowed slightly during flowering, snow plus frost further back, have negatively influenced production. For its early flowering season should take into account the existing risk of frost.

Early Lory cherry, Boxes of 2kg, sale of cherries.

Your sale price is superior to Burlat, thanks to its better caliber and firmness, motive by which in several areas Burlat has been replaced by this variety.

Early Lory cherry Characteristics

Flowering : The Early Lory cherry variety is self-sterile and early flowering (last week of March). Earlise belongs to Group XVIII (S 1 S 9 ) of pollinators. Among other varieties, they can pollinate it Samba (Group II), Celeste (Group IX) and Lapins (Universal Pollinator).

Maturation : Early Lory cherries, matures 2 days before Burlat. Therefore, Early Lory is a variety Cherry very early . Maturation occurs in a gradual or gradual manner, coinciding in large part with the date of harvest with Burlat.

Productivity : Rivedel’s productivity is a means or an excellent source of the consulted query. A study of the CICYTEX with densities of 500 trees / ha, provides data with maximum productions slightly lower than 9tn / ha. Your productivity is somewhat higher than Early Bigi .

Vigor and bearing of the tree : Earlise cherry is vigorous and erect.

Agronomic characterization

Size: The fruit improves the size of Burlat, Rivedel is approximately equal to 28-29 mm in diameter and has a size thick .

Form : Early Lory cherries, haave a reniform .

Skin color : Earlise reaches maturity with the dark red color .

Pulp color : the variety of Rivedel, has the pulp of dark red color .

Taste : Early Lory cherry flavor, it’s medium . Its taste is acceptable for the harvest date, although it is inferior to Burlat.

Firmness : Early Lory is firm media .
Cracked resistance : Early Lory has little crack or split resistance. Its cultivation presents a very high risk of losses due to cracking.
 Early Lory cherry Tree, cherry branch Early Lory variety, cherries cracked, cherry sensitive to cracking

Length of peduncle : Early Lory cherry has peduncle of short-medium size.

Do not release the peduncle .

Positive aspects : Very early maturation. Thick and firm size. Price higher than Burlat.

Negative aspects : Sensitivity to cracking.

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A significant part of the information, has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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