Royal Hazel cherry tree

Royal Hazel cherry, Royal cherry variety Hazel, early cherryRoyal Hazel cherry tree is a variety obtained in the United States. Specifically, by the Zaiger’s Inc Genetics research station located in Modesto, California. The patent application for Royal Hazelwas filed in the United States on June 26 December 2007

In the European Union, the patent is valid until December 31, 2046.

Curiosities: It comes from the same breeder as Royal Tioga. It is a new cherry variety, so its behavior in Spain has not yet been studied in depth. Viveros Mariano Soria and Viveros Ebro have multiplication permits on the variety.

Characteristics of the Royal Hazel variety

Flowering: Royal Hazel is a variety self-sterile. It has alleles S4 and S6 (Group XVII). Early flowering cherry (last week of March). In the United States it blooms 10 days before Bing and pollinates with Royal Bailey and Royal Edie.

Maturation: The variety of Royal Hazel cherry, matures evenly 7 days after Burlat. Therefore, it is considered a early cherry variety.

Productivity: The production capacity of the Royal Hazel cherry tree, is very high. On the other hand, it has an precocious entry into production. Both aspects allow us to achieve good productions in a short time, although we must be attentive and apply techniques to avoid overloading fruit trees.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Royal Hazel has medium vigor. With a semi-open bearing that facilitates the formation of the tree.

Chill hours: The breeder’s research station has calculated that it has needs of less than 500 chill hours (below 7ºC).

Morphological characteristics of Royal Hazel cherry

Size: Royal Hazel cherry reaches maturity a thick size. Gauges can be achieved with 28 mm on average.

Shape: Royal Hazel has rounded shape depending on the source.

Skin color: The Royal Hazel cherry variety, is harvested when it has a light red -red color.

Pulp color: The pulp of Royal Hazel, is colored Pink.

Taste: The variety of Royal Hazel cherry, is good. 16 ° Brix have been calculated, although under optimal culture conditions it can reach 18ºBrix.

Firmness: Royal Hazelhas a high firmness. It allows a long harvest time in the field, up to 7 days after ripening. It can hold 14 days in a cold room (3-6 ºC), standing firm and looking good.

Crack resistance: The Royal Hazel variety is estimated to have a medium resistance – good for cracking.

Cracking zone.

Peduncle length: The Royal Hazel cherry, has a short- average peduncle length of 30mm.

Do not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Taste appreciated, productive, firm and with a good post-harvest life.

Negative aspects: the lack of information for being a fairly new cherry variety. In an interesting variety, so it will be necessary to be attentive to the publications of the research centers to know their behavior in Spain.

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The final properties of a variety of cherry trees can suffer important variations.

Climatic conditions, type of soil, treatments, altitude, tree load, collection date, rootstock, subscribers, pruned, virus, bacteria, fungi or other pathologies, frame of the plantation, etc.

The most appropriate before making a cherry plantation, is to study the different existing varieties and agroclimatic conditions of our area. Obtaining advice from farmers, engineers, technicians and professionals is essential before making a cherry plantation.


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