Pico Colorado cherry

Pico Colorado cherry (Scarlet Peak), is a Spanish cherry variety with unknown varietal origin, (cherry seeds randomly pollinated).

Cherry of the Jerte, very late variety, Pico Colorado cherry

Curiosities: Cherry variety traditionally grown in Extremadura. It is one of the varieties admitted within the D.O.P. “Cherry of the Jerte”.

Characteristics of Pico Colorado Cherry

Flowering: Pico Colorado is a self-sterile and medium flowering variety (first week of April). Among other varieties, it can be pollinated with Pico Negro , Hedelfingen (Group VII) and Van (Group II).

Maturation: Pico Colorado cherry, mature 34 days after Burlat. It is classified as a cherry variety very late.

Productivity: Scarlet Peak has a productivity media.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The tree is very vigorous and of bearing erect.

Agronomic characterization of Scarlet Peak cherry

Size: The size of the fruit is very small, with a diameter of just 22-23 mm.

Form: Pico Colorado cherry has shaped cordiform.

Skin color: when it reaches maturity, the cherry is red.

Pulp color: the flesh of the cherry is cream yellow.

Taste: the cherry variety Pico Colorado, is good taste.

Firmness: Pico Colorado is a cherry firm consistency, with the crispy touch characteristic of cherry cherries and that provides a nice crunchy sensation when consumed .

Cracked Resistance: Pico Colorado cherries have good cracking or cracked resistance, one point below the maximum resistance rating. As it is a very late ripening cherry, cracking damages are usually scarce.

Cracked area.

Peduncle length: Scarlet Peak has a very long peduncle. Favorable aspect in the face of collection.

Drop the peduncle supports harvest without tail. It is harvested usually without tail, being a traditional variety ofcherry pillory.

Positive aspects: Harvest without tail Maturation very late.

Good resistance to cracking.

Negative aspects: Very small size. Average productivity

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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