Cherry (fruit, plant, tree, properties, price…)

Cherry fruit, fruit, plant, class, properties...The cherry is an attractive and exquisite-tasting fruit. It is one of the first fruits of season.

In Spain, production starts in April, although we can buy cherries of Spanish origin until August.

Benefits and properties of cherry

Each fruit has different characteristics and chemical composition. In particular, the properties of cherryhave proven beneficial or healthy for the body.

Cherry varieties

Within the existing cherry varieties we can differentiate by the collection date between early, from half season and late.

Full information on existing cherry classes (Lapins, Sunburst, Van, Rainier, Summit, 3 -13, Bing, Burlat…)

Cherry Cherry

La Picota is one of the most recognized fruits in Spain. Although only a few varieties are covered by the protected designation of origin Cereza del Jerte (Ambrunés, Pico Negro, Pico Limón Negro and Pico Colorado).

Cherry prices

Prices at which it is possible to buy cherries in the wholesale fruit market.

Nurseries where to buy cherry trees

There are a wide variety of nurseries suppliers of different cherry types, the newest and most interesting varieties are under patent and can only sell these cherry plants the authorized nurseries.

Tips for planting cherry trees

Before carrying out a cherry plantation it is required to carry out a detailed project of the varieties that are more profitable and better adapted to our cultivation area.

Cherry tree rootstock

In order to control vigor and improve fruit quality, different cherry patterns can be used.

Complete information on the different existing cherry rootstocks (vigor, precocity, productivity, disease resistance, plantation framework, fruit quality, irrigation needs…).

Marilan (Mariana-Adara), Gisela 5, Gisela 6, Colt, Santa Lucia 64 (SL-64), Maxma 14

Diseases and treatments of cherry tree

The cherry tree is sensitive to different pests and diseases that are linked below.

Complete information on pests and diseases that affect the cherry tree :

Gnomonia, Monilia, Screening or pelletizing, Gomosis, Barrenillo, San Jose louse, Drosophila suzukii, Fly and Capnodis tenebrionis

New varieties of cherry

Frequently, new interesting varieties of cherry appear. These results are made by research centers and seek to adapt to the demanding taste of customers and the growing demands of the farmer.

The cherry tree characteristics are classified according to the flowering date, size of fruit, productivity, firmness, vigor of the plant….

The consumer demands cherries of thick caliber, firm, with sugary flavor and cherry color bright.

On the other hand, the farmer wants varieties of cherry tree productive, early, easy to prune, resistant to diseases and that also meet the demands of the consumer.

In a way, the following new cherry varieties are awakening the farmer’s interest:

Frisco, Black Star, Royal Tioga, Nimba, Giant Red, Pacific Red

Flowering cherry tree

The flowering of the cherry tree is a sight worth seeing that takes place in Spain between the months of March and April. Seeing the cherry blossoms from the Jerte Valley is common in Spanish newscasts during early spring.


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