New Star Cherry

New Star cherry was obtained by the Summerland research station in Canada. The New Star variety comes as a result of crossing Van and Stella  (first self-fertile variety). New star was reunited the year 1987.
New Star cherry, variety New Star, cherry half station
Curiosities: Estimates made on high-density plantations, calculation of potential New Star production at 18 tons / ha. Although the higher productions can negatively affect the caliber and firmness of this variety.

Characteristics of the New Star cherry variety

Flowering: the variety of cherry New Star is self-fertile. It is an early flowering cherry (it blooms during the last week of March). Finally, New Star, belongs to Group III pollinators.

Maturation: New Star, is a variety of means of maturation. Mature between 11-14 days after Burlat.

ProductivityNew Star cherry, is a variety with a very high productivity. They have been able to obtain productions superior to 18 tons/ha, however, the quality and size of the fruit is sold reduced before overload.

Vigor and carriage of the tree: New Star is a very strong cherry treeand has the openness.

Chill hours:Information disclosed by the IMIDA indicates a few 654 hours below 7ºC or 1028 Cold Units, calculated according to Richardson (Utah).

Morphological characteristics of the New Star Cherry

Size: New Star cherries are thick at maturity. The variety of cherry has a size of 28-29 mm.

Shape: New Star fruit has Round-Shape.

Skin color: The variety of cherry New Star, has dark red to mature.

Pulp Color: The New Star pulp, has Dark Red color.

Taste: The New Star cherries are classified as a variety with a good flavor.

Firmness: New Star cherries have firm media.

Cracked Resistance: New Star cherry variety has little resistance to cracking, cracking or splitting. Some sources place the resistance to cracking as an average, even so it is not a recommended variety in climates with a high probability of rain.

Cracked area New star cracks or cracks in the apical, general and peduncular zone of the cherry.
Length of peduncle: cherry New Star shows a peduncle length media.

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Self-fertile variety. Very uniform maturation. Very high productivity Quick entry into production Very productive with good caliber

Negative aspects: Insufficient cracking resistance. Sensitive to monilia.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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