Rainier cherry

Rainier Cherry comes from the United States, more specifically, from the Prosser research station (Washington). Its origin is the crossing of two very popular varieties, the cherry Bing and Van. The year 1960 was obtained. It is a commercial variety, free of patent and registered in the Spanish register of varieties.

Rainier cherry, variety of cherry Rainier media station

Curiosities: It is a very appreciated variety in the Japanese market and the food industry. Its handling is more difficult than Bing, however, prices can be somewhat better.

Rainier cherry variety

Flowering: The variety of cherry Rainier is self-sterile. Crossed pollination is necessary. It belongs to group IX of pollinators. Among others, they can be used as pollinators Lapins (universal), Napoleon (Group III), Burlat (Group XVI).

Maturation: Rainier Cherry mature 19 days after Burlat. For its pick-up date, it is a cherry variety of medium maturation.

Productivity: The variety of cherry Rainier, has elevated production capacity .

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Rainier tree is a vigorous cherry and with the bearing open.

Morphological characteristics of the Rainier cherry

Size: Rainier cherries have a size of 28mm.

FormRainier cherry has Reniform form.

Skin color: Rainier cherries have color white on cream upon reaching maturity.

Pulp Color: Rainier pulp, has cream white color.

Taste: Rainier cherries have a very good flavor.

Firmness: Rainier Cherry has firm media. It need a careful harvest. The existence of visible damage or spots, depreciate the value of the fruit.

Crack resistance: The Rainier cherry variety has a medium or low resistance depending on the source.

Cracked area: Rainier suffers cracking or cracking in the general area of the cherry.

Length of the peduncle: The peduncle of the cherry Rainier is half size.

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Good productions can be obtained. Cherry quality, with good size and great flavor. Appreciated by the food industry.

Negative aspects: Self-sterile, sensitive to bacterial canker.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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