Are cherry trees deciduous or evergreen?

This cherry tree is a deciduous tree, cherry tree without leaves in blossom and with leaves greenGiven the concern about leaf drop, in areas where its cultivation is not common, it is common question whether are cherry trees deciduous or evergreen tree.

Undoubtedly, much of the charm of the cherry tree (Prunus Avium) is due to the fact that it is a deciduous tree with its precious seasonal contrasts.

We can enjoy the purity of the blossoming white cherry tree, the showy green color of its leaves in contrast to its reddish and delicious cherries ripe and from the beautiful autumnal landscape to the fall of its yellowish leaves, we will not get rid of seeing the cherry tree completely bare of leaves during the winter.

White and spring green

Spring is its period of splendor, without a doubt the cherry blossom is one of the most beautiful natural spectacles. Not surprisingly, tourism soars in the producing areas during its flowering and many cultures have special devotion to this flower that marks the beginning of spring. Thus, we can enjoy a dazzling white Jerte Valleyduring early spring.

After the flower has fallen, we will go on to enjoy the cherry tree in its full greenery and a few months later we will be able to enjoy the cherry.

Summer Green

During the summer our cherry trees will maintain their green leaves, we must be attentive to pests such as headed worms that do not hesitate to act on trees weakened by water stress.

Autumn yellow and orange

If your cherry tree is losing its leaves during the late autumn, rest assured, the cherry tree is a deciduous tree and it is its natural way of enduring the cold of the winter. During the spring you will be able to enjoy a cherry tree full of life again.

Winter grey

During the cold winter our cherry tree will have got rid of its deciduous leaves and will remain in vegetative rest, waiting for spring. This is a good time to protect our tree from several of the different diseases and pests that affect the cherry tree.

Evergreen cherry tree

Among other names, the evergreen cherry tree is known as the species Prunus ilicifolia, native to the chaparral areas of coastal California.

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