White cherry (Blanca de Provenza)

White cherry (Blanca de Provenza), also called White Garrafal. The place of origin could be France and its origin is an unknown varietal crossing. The year obtained by the references found, could be around the middle of the twentieth century. It is a cherry suitable for industrial processing, being appreciated by the food industry.
 White cherry from Provence, cherry variety White from Provence, cherry from late ripening

Curiosities: Traditional variety widespread in traditional plantations of Aragon around the 70s-80s. Currently, its main output is industrial processing. Because of its white color, this cherry falls into the traditional varieties for industrial use, forming a group with Napoleon or Rainier .

Variety of White Provence cherry

Bloom: The White Cherry of Provence is a self-sterile variety. It blooms during the second week of April, being therefore a late flowering variety. Among other varieties, they can be used to pollinate the white cherry of Provence, Sue (Grupo IV) or Royal Ann (Group II).

Maturation: Blanca de Provenza variety, is a cherry from late ripening. Being collected 28 days after Burlat.

Productivity: The variety of cherry white Provence , has high productivity.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The cherry of the Blanca de Provenza variety is medium vigor and has a semi-erect

White Cherry of Provence, morphological characteristics

Size: Blanca de Provence cherries have a size or caliber medium. Upon reaching maturity, Blanca de Provenza has a size of 26-27mm. This size is small by current standards of cherries sold to the public. However, it is an acceptable size for processing by the food industry.

Form: The variety of cherry Blanca de Provenza has a rounded shape.

Skin color: White cherry of Provence , presents cream.

Pulp color: The White Provence variety, when it reaches maturity, has the flesh cream white.

Taste: The variety of White cherry from Provence, has a sweet taste and is considered to be good.

Firmness: The White Cherry of Provence, has firm media.

Cracked resistance.

Cracked area.

Length of the peduncle: The white cherry of Provence, has the peduncle of size medium. Other sources indicate the peduncle as of medium-long size.

Do not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: It is an unattractive cherry for birds. Regular size of the fruits. It produces white cherries of good flavor. Good for industrial use.

Negative aspects: The defects that occur are very visible, due to the white color of the cherry.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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