Royal Ann cherry

Royal Ann cherry, also known as Garrafal Napoleon, Monzon, Royal Ann, Royal Anne, Napoleon Bigarreau or Queen Anne. It has its origin in an unknown varietal crossing.
Napoleon cherry, variety of late cherry Napoleon

Curiosities: This is a bicolor cherry, this type of cherries are much appreciated in Germany where they were obtained. In Spain these varieties of cherry are little appreciated by consumers. Your production is concentrated in large plantations, with the food industry as its biggest outlet.

Characteristics of the variety of cherry Royal Ann

Flowering: Like most older varieties, Royal Ann cherry tree is auto-sterile. The flowering season is medium (approximately in the first week of April). It belongs to group III of pollinators. Among others, you can pollinate with Burlat (Group XVI), Rainier (Group IX), Sue (Group IV).

Maturation: The variety of cherry Napoleon , matures after 22 days of Burlat. For its collection date, it is classified as a cherry variety of late ripening.

Productivity: The cherry tree Royal Ann, is of elevated productivity
Vigor and carriage of the tree: The variety of cherryNapoleon is vigorous and has a open bearing.

Morphological characteristics of the Royal Ann cherry

Size: The size of the harvested fruit is medium, the Napoleon cherry has a caliber of 26mm at its maturity.

Form: Royal Ann cherry has elongated shape.

Skin color: The Napoleon cherry variety, has red on cream at maturity.

Pulp color: When the cherry reaches maturity, the pulp has a color cream white.

Taste: Napoleon is considered a cherry with a scarce taste. The sugar content is low in this cherry.

Firmness: Depending on the source consulted, Royal Ann shows weak firmness or media.

Cracked resistance: Napoleon cherry variety good cracking resistance. This may be related to their conditions of medium-weak firmness and low level of sugars.

Cracked area.

Length of the peduncle: Royal Ann cherry, has a average length of peduncle.

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Good for the food industry (cherries, chocolates, liqueurs …)

Negative aspects: Sensitive to Chancro bacteriano , Coryneum and Anthracnose . Needs pollinator The sales prices to the industry are lower than those obtained for varieties of commercial interest.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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