Cristalina Cherry

Cristalina Cherry, variety without stem, Cherry tree Cristalina, hard cherry, very good taste and size

Cristalina cherry, released by the Summerland research station in the year 1996, Canada. Cristalina have varietal record of the European Union with the name of Sumnue, year 1999. The registration rights remain valid until the year 2029. It is necessary to have a license for the propagation of this commercial variety of cherry . Its origin is the product of a cross between the variety of Cherry Van and Star.

Curiosities: In America, Cristalina is considered an early variety, when it matures 5 days before Bing (its main cherry). It is considered by some experts as the best variety of early cherry obtained by the Summerland research station. In my personal opinion, it is a cherry of excellent characteristics, very to take into account for new plantations.

Due to its large size, heart shaped, ripening season, attractive color and good flavor. Good sale prices can be obtained for this cherry.

Characteristics of the Cristalina Cherry variety

Flowering: Cristalina is a cherry variety self-sterile. It is a cherry of late flowering (it blooms during the second week of April). It belongs to Group II pollinators. They can pollinate it Summit (Group I), Sunburst (Group III) or Sonata (Group III), among others.

Maturation: The Cristalina cherry, is a variety of medium maturation. It reaches maturation between 11 and 14 days after Burlat.

Productivity: The Cristalina cherry, is a variety of cherry with elevated productive capacity. The producer provides productivity values between good and very good.

Vigor and carriage of the tree: Cristalina cherry variety, is of medium vigor and the bearing of the tree is open Or extended. According to data from the breeder, the vigor would be medium to strong.

Morphological Characteristics of Cristalina Cherry

Handful of cherries variety Cristalina, very fat cherrySize: Cristalina cherry, has a very thick size upon reaching maturity. The variety of cherry has a size of 30-31mm. The producer indicates that this variety has a caliber of between 24 and 28mm. This can vary depending on the carrier-grafts used, the producer also marks a higher productivity, aspect that can negatively influence the size of the fruit.

Form: The cherry Cristalina has Cordiform form. The cordiform shape increases the caliber / weight ratio and is more valued by the market.

Skin color: The variety of Cristalina cherry, has blackish color at maturity. Also it could harvested red. Cristalina have a high harvest margin.

Pulp color: The Cristalina flesh has an attractive Dark Red color.

Taste: It fits the Cristalina cherry, as a variety of good taste.

Firmness: The Cristalina cherry, is firm media. Some authors give it a good firmness, similar to Lapins. According to the producer, the firmness is Good.

Cracked Resistance: The Cristalina cherry variety has medium resistance to cracking, splitting or cracking.
Cracked area: Cristalina cherry cracks or cracks in the apical or peduncular zone.

Length of the peduncle: The Cristalina cherry has a peduncle length medium.

Drop the peduncle at maturity, This feature can help us reduce collection times, if we decide to pick the cherry without tail. The cherry without tail is usually more appreciated by buyers and sellers (it has better post-harvest). It is classified within the commercial varieties of Cherry Pillory or without tail.

Positive aspects: It is a productive variety. Release the peduncle. It provides a wide collection margin, for example, it can be harvested red with tail and black without tail. Very uniform maturation. Very high productivity Quick entry into production Very productive with good caliber.


A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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