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olive harvesters, olive harvester price 2020, New Holland Braud 9090X Dual olive, Pellenc CV5045 olive harvester, Gregoire G10.330, Colossus XL olive harvesterThe prices of olive harvesters They vary according to the work capacity of the machinery, prestige of the manufacturer, state of use, available extras, commercial offers and other factors of interest.

Despite their high prices, which we will see later, these are very profitable machines for hedgerow olive oil producers, since they allow harvesting costs to be reduced significantly.

New Holland olive harvesters

New Holland olive harvesters are the most used in Spain for the collection of olives in super-intensive plantations, this is due to their greater experience in the market.During the year 2001 it put on the market its first combine designed specifically for the harvest of olive groves in hedgerows, the New Holland Braud SB 65. For this, the width of the traditional grape harvesters had to be increased. Shortly after in 2003 the New Holland VX 680 option was presented.

In the second-hand market we can find New Holland Braud SB 65 olive harvesters from 15-20 years and around 5,000 working hours at prices between 40,000 and 60,000 euros.

Later we found the New Holland VX 7090 Olive model that we can find at prices between 150,000 and 170,000 euros With about 10 years of life and more than 3,000 hours of work. This machine stands out for its harvesting system capable of harvesting 9% of the olives.

The American New Holland manufactures its grape harvesters and olive harvesters in Coëx ( France ) from where they have produced an average of 400 harvesters per year. during the last 35 years.

The most recent model they have is the New Holland Braud 9090X Dual which allows both the harvest and the olive harvest.

New Holland Braud 9090X Dual

The New Holland olive harvester Braud 9090X Dual is a more optimized version that saves an average of 3% in fuel consumption. Optimized design for less storage time maintenance.

Regarding collection, it stands out for its new collection system with flexible food polyurethane baskets. This guarantees better care both for the base of the olive trees and for the harvested olives. Avoiding damage to the olives is important to prevent their oxidation and to obtain olive oils of the best possible quality.

It has two hoppers that give a total capacity of 4,000 liters that allow the storage of around 2,500 kilos of olives. Another feature to highlight is the possibility of unloading the two hoppers at the same time with the consequent reduction in olive unloading times and improved productivity. In addition, the discharge can be made up to three meters high. Another interesting possibility is continuous unloading incorporating a lateral unloading belt.

It is a harvester specially designed for high-density hedgerow olive groves (about 2000 hectare trees). Arriving to harvest olive trees of a maximum of 4 meters in height. In addition, its SDC system allows harvesting 99.% of the olives from the trees while respecting the foliage, minimizing damage.

New Holland Braud 9090X Dual Price

We have not been able to find out the manufacturer’s selling price for this combine.

However, given the prices that can be seen for second-hand machinery, it is probable that the price of the vintage New Holland Braud 9090X Dual could exceed 300,000 €.

Have you bought a combine harvester recently? Do you know a more approximate sale price? We would like to have this information, you can leave us a comment or contact us directly.

C olive harvesters P ellenc

The popular French manufacturer of olive harvesting equipment Pellenc, has trailed (CV5045) and self-propelled (MAVO) olive harvesters.

Although his harvester is not as popular as the Pellenc Olivion olive harvester it is sure to be much talked about for years to come.

C olive harvester P ellenc CV5045

Designed specifically for the collection of olives, the Pellenc CV5045 harvester allows the collection of both super-intensive and young intensive olive groves. Its oversized entrance tunnel extends the useful life of the plantation, allowing olive trees to be harvested up to 4.50 m high and 2 meters wide, with trunks up to 30 cm in diameter.

According to the data provided by the manufacturer, its maximum forward speed is 4 km/hour. Knowing that the lines of a common olive grove plantation in a hedge are about 3,000 meters long per hectare. We can estimate that the Pellenc CV5045 harvester has a harvesting capacity of around 1 ha per hour. Obviously these advance times will be influenced by the amount of harvest and size of the trees.

Its collection capacity is about 3,000 kg, as it has two 2,400-litre hoppers.

The performance data provided by the manufacturer Pellenc is up to 150 tons of olives per day. However, the hours of work necessary to achieve this collection are not specified. Keep in mind that the Pellenc CV5045 harvester can work day and night thanks to having five headlights.

It is an interesting model due to its cheaper price compared to a self-propelled harvester. This makes it an interesting alternative for professionals and olive growers who have a tractor less than 2.4 meters wide and at least 125 hp. In this way, Pellenc expands the market for super-intensive farms that will be able to purchase their own harvesting machinery.

Pellenc CV5045 price

According to the prices of the second-hand market, we estimate that the olive harvester Pellenc CV5045 It can have a sale price of between 150,000 and 200,000 euros *. If you know a more exact sale price of the new machine, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

As is logical, before buying a trailed combine harvester, we will have to assess the pros and cons of this type of machinery with respect to the self-propelled ones and if the savings compensate us.

It is also important to assess well the needs of our plantation and if it is profitable to make an investment of this type

CV5045 Operation Video

Here we can see an operating video of the CV5045 combine made public by the manufacturer through its official channel:

MAVO olive harvester

MAVO is the name of the Pellenc self-pulsed olive harvester, it is its first model adapted for olive harvesting. It mounts the Pellenc 8590 chassis that some of the grape harvesters of the French brand also carry.

It is a model launched in 2011 with slightly better features than the CV5045, although it is less wide in size. Although the maximum size of the olive trees to be harvested is not indicated, due to its smaller width it is normal for it to be somewhat smaller in the MAVO harvester than in the trailed harvester.

MAVO stands out for its”light”chassis of 10.5 tons empty and wide wheels to reduce pressure on the ground and avoid excessive compaction.

Its larger hoppers allow it to obtain a performance of up to 16,000 kg per hour thanks to its advance speed of 4 km per hour.
The two 2700 L hoppers can store up to 3,500 kg of olives.

Do you know the sale price of the MAVO combine? We estimate that it could exceed €250,000, although we would like to have more exact information, you can leave us a comment or contact us directly.

Colossus olive harvesters

The Argentine agricultural machinery manufacturer Maqtec has several models of harvesters specifically designed for olive harvesting (Colossus S, Colossus L and Colossus XL). In addition, it has recently added to its range of machinery the versatile Bacus I harvester suitable for harvesting grapes and olives. It is a very popular harvester in the country of the manufacturer (Argentina) and in countries like Australia where the variety of Barnea olive tree requires large harvesters for its collection.

Colossus XL olive harvester

The Colossus XL olive harvester stands out for its colossal size that can allow harvesting trees with a rigid wood size of up to 5.3 meters high by 3.2 meters wide. This large capacity for harvesting olive trees makes it possible to harvest plantations of olive varieties that are more vigorous than usual. the useful life of the plantation.

Other harvester manufacturers

Although the manufacturers indicated are the best known in Spain for the olive sector, we can also find harvesters from other manufacturers such as the French Gregoire. Grégoire is one of the brands of the Italian agricultural machinery group SDF, manufacturer of other well-known brands such as Same, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini tractors, Hürlimann.

Gregoire has two olive harvesters, on the one hand the G10.330 designed for olive groves and on the other the G9.330 multipurpose harvester suitable for harvesting in vineyards and olive groves.

Gregoire is a company with extensive experience in the manufacture of olive harvesters, being one of the first manufacturers back in the year 2000. They have currently stopped producing the G9.330 and G10.330 preparing to soon launch a new, more advanced combine on the market.


Prices for olive harvesters

Although we have requested information on harvester prices from several manufacturers, we still do not have such data. For our part, we have tried to estimate the probable sales prices according to the data that does appear in the second-hand market. Thus, it is possible to find second-hand harvesters at prices from only 40,000 euros and new ones that can exceed 300,000 €.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the PVP of the manufacturers of agricultural machinery usually have wide margins traditionally. This allows them to be able to negotiate and adjust the final prices to the client. For this reason, manufacturers are not usually in favor of making these prices public and prefer a closer business relationship that allows them to accept a lower offer from the farmer. In addition, when dealing with prices of several hundred thousand euros. They are acquisitions that usually require financing and this can suffer significant variations that affect the final price of the combine.

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