Frisco cherry

Frisco cherry, was obtained by SDR FRUIT LLC, the research center is located in California, USA. It is also known by SDR-9. It registered since May of 2009 in Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO). As for the exploitation rights of Frisco, if you have the usual duration (30 years), they will be in effect until the year 2039. Currently Viveros Ebro is the authorized nursery for its multiplication in Spain.

 Cerezo Frisco, variety of cherry Frisco, cherry of early maturation

Curiosities: is a variety that stands out in the markets for its high quality, hardness and post-harvest stamina. Although it is a new variety, important plantations are being made. Due to its good characteristics, it should continue to spread at a good pace over the years.

Characteristics of the Frisco cherry variety

Flowering: Frisco is a self-fertile cherry variety. It is flowering media (blooms during the first week of April). It is classified within Group IX of pollinators. To improve production, recommend support with pollinators, Burlat (Group XVI), Rocket (Group XVIII).

Maturation: Frisco cherry , is a variety of early maturation. 10 days after Burlat according to International COT. In contrast, nurseries Ebro indicates that it matures 13 days after Burlat.

Productivity: Frisco have productivity high/very high. It is of early entry into production.

Vigor and carriage of the tree: Frisco cherry tree, is medium vigor/High and carriage open .

Morphological characteristics of the Frisco cherry

Size: Frisco cherries have a size very thick, when it reaches maturity. Frisco has a size of 28-30 mm.

Form: Frisco has reniform form.

Skin color: The variety of Frisco, has an attractive color garnet when it reaches maturity. Being firm, it also allows collection with blackish color.

Pulp color: Frisco has the pulp of color red.

Taste: It is classified as Frisco cherry, it is sweet and has good taste.

Firmness: Frisco cherry, is classified as firm (75 Durofel). Its high firmness, the possibility of a good storage capacity and enables its transport over long distances.

Cracked resistance: the Frisco cherry variety, has average resistance to cracking, cracking or splitting.

Cracked area.

Length of the peduncle: Frisco has the peduncle of length medium-long. Proper size that facilitates collection.

Without releasing the peduncle.

Positive aspects: fruits of high quality, firmness and post harvest strength. Precocious entry into production. Good load / size ratio. Little demanding of cold.

Negative aspects: Average resistance to cracking.

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A significant part of the information, has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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