Utah Giant cherry

Utah Giant cherry is a harvest made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station. Its origin is a seed of Bing planted in the year 1981. Utah Giant does not appear as a registered variety in the European register of protected varieties.
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Curiosities: In the year 2014 it was one of the cherries best rated by DWN Fruit Tasting Report. It has a great size, high firmness and excellent flavor. In Spain, its commercial introduction began around the year 2000. Despite its excellent quality fruit, it is not currently planted. Thanks to its good characteristics, you can get good cherry sale prices for this variety of fat cherry, firm and good taste.

The name is formed by the American state of “Utah” and the English word “Giant”, the translation could be “ Utah Giant

Characteristics of Utah Giant Cherry

Bloom: The Utah Giant cherry, is self-sterile. Recommended for pollination Van (Group II), Bing (Group III) or Rainier (Group IX). It is a variety of medium flowering (first week of April) and its group of alleles is unknown.

Maturation: The variety of cherry Utah Giant, is medium maturation, 14 days after Burlat.

Productivity: Utah Giant cherry, is a variety of good productivity. Although its entry into production is not as fast as other varieties. In frames of 5×5 meters it can produce 10 tons hectares with an excellent fruit quality.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The Utah Giant variety is medium vigor and has a semi-erect bearing.

Chill hours: American sources need a cold of 800 hours below 7ºC.

Utah Giant Cherry, morphological characteristics

Size: Utah Giant has a very large size. You can get average sizes of 30 mm.

Form: Utah Giant has reniform form.

Skin color: The Utah Giant cherries reaches maturity in bright dark red.
Giant cherry variety Utah Giant, cherry firm and excellent flavor

Pulp Color: Utah Giant cherries have pulp color Red.

Taste: The variety of cherry Utah Giant, is a cherry with a very good flavor, valued by the consumers.

Firmness: The Utah Giant cherry is firm or crispy.

Cracked resistance: Due to its large size, firmness and sweet taste it is a variety of little cracking resistance. Although its average maturity date reduces the probability of damage by cracking compared to other earlier varieties, it is still the most limiting factor to its cultivation and keeps us excessively conditioned to the climate.

Cracked area: General.

Length of the peduncle: Utah Giant, presents a peduncle of medium-long size.

Does not release the peduncle.
Positive aspects: High quality of fruit. Cherry suitable for export. Variety highly appreciated by consumers.
Negative aspects: In warm areas it can present a high percentage of double fruits. Low resistance to cracking.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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