SPC 342 Cherry

cherry SPC 342, cherry variety SUMS 342CH, medium cherry seasonThe SPC 342 cherry is a variety obtained by the Summerland research station (Canada).

Also known as SUMS 342CH and with reference during its study 23 151 CSP. On December 7, 2012, the patent application was accepted in the EU, being fully applicable as of this date. The publisher with patent permits in Europe is IPS. In Spain, nurseries Mariano Soria is responsible for the multiplication of this interesting and recent cherry variety.

Curiosities: It is a fairly recent variety of cherry so the existing information is provided by the breeder and there are no studies that confirm the behavior of the variety in Spain.

The breeder considers it a suitable cherry variety to replace Summit.

Characteristics of the SPC 342 variety

Flowering: the cherry SPC 342 is a variety self-sterile. They have been determined as alleles S1 and S5. It is a variety of late flowering (second week of April). As a pollinator the nursery recommends Skeena (S1S4 ’medium bloom). Sunburst (S3S4 ’and late flowering) can be a good pollinator to complement Skeena.

Maturation: the cherry SPC 342, matures 16 days after Burlat. Therefore, it is considered a cherry of medium ripening. Maturing in a time similar to Summit.

Productivity: the cherry tree SUMS 342CH , has according to publisher data, productivity very high >. In addition, it is a variety of early cherry. It mainly produces on May corsages. On the other hand, Italian sources give this variety a medium-good level of productivity.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: SPC 342 has high vigor and has semi-erect. The bearing facilitates the formation of the tree and its high vigor allows it to obtain good fruit quality.

Chill hours: The chill hours you need have not been determined. But as we saw in the post about chill hours in the cherry tree, the cold requirements in late flowering cherry trees are usually high.

Morphological characteristics of Cherry SPC 342

Size: The SPC 342 cherry makes it possible to obtain thick or very thick sizes between 28 and 30mm.

Shape: SPC 342 produces cherries shaped cordiform or heart-shaped. An attractive format for the consumer.

Skin color: Cherries obtained by SPC 342, can be harvested by reaching dark red.

Pulp color: The cherry variety SPC 342, has the color pulp Red.

Taste: SPC 342, is considered a cherry with excellent flavor. 17th Brix

Firmness: Cherry SPC 342, like most new varieties of cherry, has a level of firmness very good.

Crack resistance: The SPC 342 variety has very high resistance to cracking. Therefore, it can be considered a very interesting variety for areas with risk of heavy rains during ripening.

Cracking zone.

Peduncle length: The SPC 342 cherry, has a very long peduncle. This aspect facilitates the cherry picking and increases the productivity of our crop.

Do not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: firmness, flavor, resistance to cracking, easy to harvest…

Negative aspects: No studies on the culture conditions present in Spain. It requires other varieties to pollinate.


The cherry varieties, can undergo major changes according to the cultivation area.

Characteristics of climate, altitude, soil, plantation frame, treatments against pests, date of collection, rootstock, subscribers, tree load, pruning, fungi, viruses, bacteria or other pathologies, etc.

It is essential to know the behavior of the different varieties on our cultivation area. The advice provided by farmers, engineers, technicians and other professionals involved in the sector, are essential before making a cherry plantation.

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