Marvin cherry

The variety of Marvin cherry, is a private collection made by Marvin Niess, California (United States) . It is also known by the names 4-70 or Niran. The origin of this variety is a cross between the unknown varieties.

Cherry Niram, cherry variety Marvin, early maturing cherry


Marvin is a variety with important cold or winter rest requirements (greater than 900 hours).

Characteristics of the Marvin variety

Flowering: Marvin cherry or 4-70, is a self-sterile variety. It is a medium flowering cherry (during the first week of April). Group XVIII (S1S9) of pollinators. It can be pollinated with New Moon (Group IV), Van (Group II), Celeste (Group IX).

Maturation: Marvin cherry variety, is early maturation. Depending on the source consulted, the collection matches Burlat or matures 3 days before (-3).

Productivity: The variety of cherry 4-70 or Marvin is productivity media. Other sources that mark this variety as high productivity, however reduce its size 2mm.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Marvin tree , is vigorous and of bearing open. Other sources give it a semi-erect bearing.

4-70 Cherry, morphological characteristics

Size: Marvin cherries, has a medium-thick size. During collection, the Niran variety reaches a size of 27-28mm.

Form: Marvin variety presents round-flattened shape. According to other sources the form is reniform.

Skin color: 4-70 cherries, is collected when it has Dark Red.

Pulp color: Marvin, has the pulp of color Red.

Taste: is a variety of good taste.

Firmness: Marvin cherries, has medium firmness. Other sources indicate good firmness.

Due to its early harvest, it had a great expansion, however, its high needs for chill hours, caused large plantations to fail in southern Spain. Nowadays it is a variety in decline.

Crack Resistance: Marvin cherry variety, has little cracking resistance. Being an uninteresting cherry for areas where there is a risk of rain.

Cracked area: Marvin cherries cracks in the general area .

Peduncle Length: Marvin, has the peduncle short. This characteristic makes collection difficult. Although it allows to increase the apparent caliber of the cherries.

Not the peduncle at maturity.

Positive aspects: Early maturation. Few double fruits (A good advantage over Burlat).

Negative aspects: You need a pollinator. It is sensitive to cracking. Maturation occurs in a staggered manner, increasing collection costs.

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A significant part of the information has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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