Hedelfingen cherry

Hedelfingen cherry, also known as Géant d’Hedelfingen or Garrafal Gedelfingen is a traditional variety from Germany. The varietal crossing or origin of this cherry is unknown. The year of obtaining the variety is marked as 1850, being Hedelfingen an antique variety similar to Bing.

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Curiosities: Hedelfingen is a traditional cherry in Germany, however, it is a commercially unattractive variety. Its cultivation is in decadence to be widely surpassed by a large number of cherry varieties of more recent creation.

Variety of cherry Hedelfingen

Bloom: Cherry Hedelfingen is a self-sterile variety. It is late flowering (it blooms during the second week of April). Hedelfingen belongs to the group VII of pollinators. Summit (Group I) and Sunburst (Group III).

Maturation: The Hedelfingen variety is late ripening. It is collected after 27 days of Burlat.

Productivity: The variety of cherry Hedelfingen , shows media productivity. Other sources give it as a very productive tree, although it enters into slow production.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The cherry tree of the Hedelfingen variety is vigorous and has a semi-erect bearing.

Hedelfingen cherry, morphological characteristics

Size: The cherry Géant d’Hedelfingen , has a size or size small. Upon reaching maturity, Hedelfingen has a size of 24-25mm. This size is very small by today’s standards. The scarce prices that can be obtained by a cherry of this caliber, make its commercial production unviable at present.

Form: The variety of cherry Hedelfingen presents cordiform shape.

Skin color: Hedelfingen cherries have a garnet color.

Pulp color: The cherry Hedelfingen , when reaching maturity, has the pulp of color Dark red.

Flavor: The variety of cherry Hedelfingen, is a variety of flavor.

Firmness: Hedelfingen cherries, are firm.

Cracked resistance: Hedelfingen cherry variety, has little resistance to cracking, cracking or splitting.

Cracked area.

Peduncle length: Hedelfingen cherry, has a very long peduncle. The very long size of the peduncle attached to the small size of this cherry, makes it visually a cherry of very small size and commercially unappetizing.

Do not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Thanks to its firmness, it supports transport well. Little sensitive to the monilia , this aspect could support your plantation in organic crops.

Negative aspects: Cherry of low commercial value. Slow entry into production. Sensitive to Cracking.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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