Pico Negro cherry

Pico Negro cherry (Black Beak) is a Spanish cherry variety with unknown varietal origin (random seed).

Cherry of the Jerte, very late variety, Pico Negro cherry, Black Beak

Curiosities: Pico Negro, is a cultivated variety traditionally cultivated in Extremadura. It is one of the varieties of the D.O.P. “Cherry of the Jerte”.

Characteristics of Black Beak Cherry

Flowering: Cherry variety Black Peak is self-sterile and vintage medium bloom (first week of April) ). It has the alleles S3S6 (Group VI). Among others, it can be pollinated with varieties Pico Colorado , Van (Group II) and Hedelfingen (Group VII).

Maturation: The Pico Negro cherry, ripe 33 days after Burlat. It is a variety of ripening cherry very late.

Productivity: Black Peak is a variety with media productivity.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The tree is vigorous and erect.

Agronomic characterization of Pico Negro cherry

Size: The size of the fruit is between small and medium, with a diameter of 25-26 mm.

Form: The variety Cherry Black Beak has a cordiform form. Skin color: Upon reaching maturity, the cherry is blackish color.

Pulp color: The pulp of the cherry is dark red.

Taste: The variety of Black Pico cherry, is taste very good.

Firmness: Pico Colorado is a cherry with firm consistency, with the hardness and crunchy sensation characteristic of cherry-type cherries. Because of its firmness it is suitable for transport and has good post-harvest resistance.

Cracked Resistance: Black Beak, has very good resistance to splitting, cracking or cracking.

Cracked area.

Length of peduncle: Black Beak cherries have a peduncle of length. Feature that favors collection speed.

Drop the peduncle, is a variety of cherry that supports harvest without tail. It is harvested regularly without tails, it is a traditional variety of the type cherry picota

Positive aspects: Firm cherry that is collected without a tail Maturation date very late. Very good cracking resistance.

Negative aspects: Size lower than the most current varieties.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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