Sweet Aryana® (PA1UNIBO)

Sweet Aryana cherry, new early cherry variety PA1UNIBO from the University of BolognaThe Sweet Aryana cherry (PA1UNIBO) is a new and interesting early-ripening variety, obtained by researchers from the University of Bologna (Italy).

The variety is registered in the varietal register of the European Union by Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Approved in 2018, the rights for its multiplication will be extended until the year 2048.

Sweet Aryana joins the series of interesting cherry varieties obtained by researchers at the University of Bologna ( Sweet Early, Black Star, Grace Star, Big Star…)

Curiosities: The variety stands out for producing early cherries of great firmness and flavour, with an excellent post-harvest life and high productivity. However, it has the drawback of its sensitivity to cracking, an aspect that can make its planting in areas with risk of rain not recommendable, despite the good sales prices expected in the market.

Characteristics of Sweet Aryana cherry

Flowering: Sweet Aryana is a class of self-fertile cherry tree. a variety of medium flowering (first week of April).

Ripening: the PA1UNIBO cherry ripens 3 days after Burlat. Due to its harvest time, it is classified as an early cherry variety.

Productivity: according to data from the Sweet Aryana nursery it has a very high productive capacity. In addition, it offers a rapid entry into production.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the PA1UNIBO cherry tree has a medium-high vigor. The habit of PA1UNIBO is upright, with the presence of low-medium ramifications.

Morphological characteristics of Sweet Aryana cherry

Size: the cherries produced with the Sweet Aryana variety can reach a large-very large size. Thus, it is possible to obtain average calibers of 28-30 mm.

Shape: PA1UNIBOhas a reniform-rounded shape.

Skin color: Sweet Aryana cherry , is harvested when it reaches dark red color.

Flesh color: PA1UNIBO has slightly red colored flesh.

Taste: with 17-20° Brix, the Sweet Aryana cherry variety offers a high level of sugars which, together with its medium acidity, provides a very good or excellent.

Firmness: The Sweet Aryana cherryhas high firmness according to data published in the European variety register. Data from different nurseries provide measurement values between 62 and 80 Durofel.

Resistance to cracking: low or scant resistance to cracking is recorded for the Sweet Aryana cherry variety.

Cracked area.

Peduncle length: Sweet Aryana cherry,has a short peduncle.

Does not let go of the stem.

Positive aspects: harvest of early cherry, self-fertile, firm, productive, good post-harvest life, flavor appreciated.

Negative aspects: poor resistance to cracking. In addition, as with other recent cherry varieties, information on its cultivation in Spain is scarce. Its characteristics have not been sufficiently verified on the ground in Spain and differences may arise with the data of the breeder.


There is a great variety of aspects that can cause significant differences in the characteristics of a cherry variety, with respect to the data offered by the breeder.

Soil composition, rootstock, planting framework, amendments and subscribers carried out, climatic conditions, harvest time, treatments carried out with phytosanitary products, altitude at which the plantation is located, tree load level, type of pruning carried out, bacteria, fungi, viruses or other pathologies, etc.

Before investing in carrying out a cherry plantation, it is important to carefully analyze the existing varieties and their economic viability in the growing area. The advice of farmers, technicians and professionals in the sector is a good way to reduce the risks that exist when carrying out a cherry plantation.

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