How many cherries does a cherry tree produce?

How many kilos of cherries does a cherry, giant cherry, maximum production cherry, cherry centenary, huge cherry, How many cherries does a cherry tree produce, kilos of cherry per treeIn this publication, we will analyze how many cherries does a cherry tree produce in various growing conditions.

A cherry tree can produce 0, 20, 50, 100, 400 kilos of cherries depending on the weather, terrain, care applied… Personally the most I have caught a cherry tree has been 400 kg . A huge cherry tree of the Sunburst variety.

Factors that influence the kilos that a cherry tree can produce

The kilos a cherry tree can produce are influenced by multiple factors. Variety of planted cherry, weather, pollination, maturation date, planting density, rootstock, tree age, treatments performed, resistance at cherry tree plagues and diseases

Cherry variety

Some varieties of cherry can become very productive, however, the size of the cherries will be greatly affected. Lapins, Sunburst, Van, Frisco, Celeste, Black Star, Royal Tioga, New Star, Crystal, New Moon, Starking, Bing, 4-84, Somerset, Royal Helen, Sweet Heart… They are varieties of cherries that can reach high yields.

Maturation date

Generally, early ripening cherry varieties are less productive. This is because the tree has less time to produce cherries.


Irrigation is a good way to prevent cherry trees from experiencing water stress during the summer. Cherry trees affected by drought weaken and suffer the attack of big-headed worm, which can dry them.

Having strong cherry trees will help us obtain quality cherries, although excess vigor can reduce cherry production.


The self-fertile cherry varietieshave a greater ease of curdling, so they usually outperform the self-sterile varieties.

Cherry tree fertilizer

Cherry trees need to be well nourished to produce.

It is important to control nutritional deficiencies and provide specific fertilizers to improve quality and production.

Control of pests and diseases

The application of phytosanitary treatments is essential to keep diseases and pests of the cherry tree controlled.

Fungi such as moniliacan significantly reduce the kilos of cherries produced by a cherry tree.

Pests such as the black aphid from the cherry treecan steal a large part of its sap from the tree, reducing quality and productivity.

Age of the tree

Cherry trees take several years to bear fruit, they need more than 5-7 years to reach their productive potential.

Plantation framework

A smaller distance between cherry trees, these will be smaller and the production of cherries per tree will be smaller.


The accumulation of chill hours is essential for the cherry tree to bloom properly. On the other hand, rainy climates favor the presence of diseases (cherry leaf spot, Stigmina carpophila…) that will need to be controlled.

Size occupied by the tree

The density of plantation influences of important form in the kilos of cherries produced by tree and surface.
Plantation cherry trees made in high density will hardly produce more than 20kg of cherry. Although one hectare can exceed 20,000 kg of cherry produced.

Cherry tree pruning

The cherry tree pruning, is an effective tool for regulating tree load. When cherry trees are not pruned correctly, they can become overloaded. Although trees can produce many kg of cherries, they are of poor quality. In many cases, it will not be profitable to pick up these cherries, which in the end, have to stay in the field, favoring the presence of pests.

So, how many kilos of cherries does a cherry tree produce?

We have seen the factors that can influence the kilos produced by a cherry tree, now I will give several examples of how many kilos of cherries a cherry tree produce. In my case I speak of Kg of cherry net, once the cherries with defects (cracked, chopped by birds…) have been removed. In the cases that are going to be exposed, the gross production of the cherry tree can be between 5 and 15% higher.

Location: Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila).

Care taken: pruning, payment, control of pests and diseases.

Reinforced 15-year-old cherry tree with the variety 3-13, plantation frame 5×5 meters, irrigation of support for. The first interesting production with 10kg, 3 years after crown graft. Caliber 28-32 mm.

30-year-old Sunburst cherry tree, grafted into avium rootstocks and nestled among centuries-old olive trees, the estimated planting frame is 12×10 meters, dry land. Maximum production obtained: 400 kg, regular productions above 200 Kg. Gauge 24-28 mm and 28-32 mm respectively.

30-year-old Summit cherry tree, grafted into avium rootstocks and nestled among centuries-old olive trees, the estimated planting frame is 10×9 meters, dry land. Maximum production obtained: 150 kg, irregular productions, with only 10 kg years. Caliber 24-30 mm and 30-32mm.

15-year-old Lapins cherry tree, grafted onto avium rootstocks and located between cherry trees with 5×5 meter frames, specific supportive risks. Maximum production obtained: 100 kg, with annual productions exceeding 50 kg. Caliber 22-26 mm and 24-28 mm.

The above examples are mainly from very productive cherry varieties. The estimated average production for cherry trees is 30 kilos of cherry per tree and 12,000 Kg / ha.

How many kilos of cherries does one hectare produce?

In commercial plantations in the United States, it is recommended that the kilos of cherry per hectare do not exceed 15,000-20,000 kg. Although some operations allow production of 30-40 tons of cherry per hectare, the quality and sales prices of the cherry plummet.

However, these numbers are for high density plantations and the most productive varieties.
Actually, in Spain the plantations are very old and the production of one hectare of irrigated cherry trees is less than 6,000 kg / h a.

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