Pacific Red cherry

Pacific Red Cherry developed by the research center of SMS UNLIMITED LLC, in California (United States). Also named SMS 291. Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) registered since 2013. The rights of exploitation of Pacific Red, have duration until the year 2043. In Spain Viveros Ebro is the Editor with authorization for the multiplication and commercialization of this variety .

Pacific Red cherry, variety Pacific Red, early cherry, excellent for export

Curiosities: Being a very recent variety, its behavior in Spain has not yet been studied in depth. The characteristics published by its breeders invite you to think of it as an Excellent variety of Early cherry.

Characteristics of Pacific Red cherry

Flowering: The variety of cherry Pacific Red, is self-fertile, it is not necessary to use pollinator varieties. It has the set of Alleles S4 S9. If you prefer to cross pollen, the variety is compatible with Nimba (SMS-290) and SMS-280. Blooms 3-5 days before Burlat, therefore its flowering can be considered early (last week of March).

Maturation: Pacific Red cherry, is early maturing, 6 days after Burlat.

Productivity: SMS-291, is considered a variety of very good productivity. It has a good speed of entry into production.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Pacific Red tree has a medium-high vigor and is of semi-erect

Pacific Red cherry, morphological characteristics

Size: Pacific Red cherries have a thick very thick size. You can get sizes 28-30 mm.

Form: The cherry variety Pacific Red has rounded shape.

Skin color: Pacific Red or SMS-291, reaches maturity and can begin to be harvested when it shows color red. It is a variety that stands on the tree and can reach the dark red color in perfect condition.

Pulp color: Pacific Red cherries have the color pulp Red.

Taste: Pacific Red is a cherry variety with a good flavor, presenting a Brix rating of 18.

Firmness: Pacific Red cherry is firm. According to studies available 85 durofel, has a very high firmness. It has a post-harvest life in the upper chamber at 30 days. Thanks to this, it is an early variety suitable for export.

Cracked resistance: its crack resistance is good, a step below maximum strength. A very aspect to bear in mind in early cherry varieties.

Cracked area.

Length of the peduncle: Pacific Red cherry, has a peduncle of length medium.

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Cherry early. Fruit of excellent quality. High life post-harvest.

Negative aspects.

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A significant part of the information, has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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