Grace Star cherry

Grace Star Cherry, cherry variety Grace Star, harvest cherry or medium harvestGrace Star Cherry  (DCA BO 84.703.003), obtained by Lugli Stefano and Sansavini Silviero,University of Bologna (Italy). Its origin is Burlat freely pollinated. Grace Star is in the European register of protected varieties, the year of registration is 2011 and the rights of exploitation of the variety, extend until the year 2040.

Curiosities: In 2007 he won the prize for the best cherry in Italy.

Characteristics of Grace Star Cherry

Flowering: Grace Star cherry is self-fertile, does not require other varieties to be pollinated. It belongs to Group OR (S4 S9).

Maturation: Cherry Grace Star, is medium maturation, 11-14 days after Burlat.

Productivity: The variety of cherry Grace Star , is considered a variety of high productivity-very high. A study carried out by CICYTEX on a 5 × 4 meter plantation framework, on Cab-6P, shows a somewhat slow entry into production, but the sixth green is capable of exceeding 15t / ha with good calibres. Production high and constant.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The variety Grace Star is vigorous and semi-erect.

Grace Star Cherry, morphological characteristics

Size: Cherry Grace Star, has a thick size. You can get calibers of 28 mm.

Form: Grace Star has cordiform shape.

Skin color: The variety of cherry Grace Star, reaches maturity with an attractive color garnet.

Pulp Color: The Grace Star cherry has the flesh Red.

Taste:  Grace Star cherries are sweet and consistent. Its flavor is very good, highly valued by consumers.

Firmness: Grace Star Cherry is firm.

Resistance to cracking: Being a new variety, there is little information about it. A study of the IMIDA of 2011 includes it within the group of varieties that showed less sensitivity during that year, although rainfall was scarce. We could say that Grace Star cherries have a good resistance to cracked. Other sources give it an average resistance to cracking.

Cracked area.

Length of peduncle: Grace Star, has a peduncle of long size.

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Uniform collection. Cherry of high commercial value.

Negative aspects: Appearance of double fruits in areas of warm summers.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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