Celeste cherry

Celeste cherry, also known as Sumpaca®, was obtained by Summerland station (Canada). Obtaining was done by crossing Van and New Star (Van x Stella). Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) registered since 1997. The property rights, specific to obtaining, are valid until year 2027. Curiosities:Currently it is not a very widespread variety. They can get good … Read moreCeleste cherry

Prime Giant cherry

Prime Giant cherry, was obtained by the Marvin Niess private investigator center in California (United States). The variety was obtained thanks to a cross made between Ruby and Garnet . Prime Giant is also called Sunana. The variety was brought to Spain and began to multiply before legal registration, losing rights. In Europe planted cherry … Read morePrime Giant cherry

Giant Red cherry

Giant Red cherry, is a obtaining of the Marvin Niess private station in California ( United States ). The variety was registered through US patent during 1995. European Union variety register with the name Mariant from 2007 . The exploitation rights obtained with varietal registration of Giant Red will remain valid until the year 2037. … Read moreGiant Red cherry

Royal Tioga cherry

Royal Tioga cherry is a collection made in the United States. More specifically, at the research station of Zaiger’s Inc Genetics located in Modesto, California. Curiosities: It is a cherry variety published only a few years ago, it is very recent and is currently in the registration period. The exploitation rights of this variety in … Read moreRoyal Tioga cherry

Cherry plantation: Cultivation and Production Tips

These are, in my opinion, the keys necessary to make successful a commercial cherry plantation. In my opinion, it is not advisable to proceed to the massive planting of a variety without having sufficient data on the variety of cherry to plant. Before making a cherry plantation on a commercial scale, it is very convenient: … Read moreCherry plantation: Cultivation and Production Tips