Maxma 14 rootstock (Maxma Delbard® 14)

Maxma 14 is a American Graft Holder obtained by Lyle Brooks in Oregon (Forest Grove Nursery University). The Maxma rootstock 14 is an interspecific hybrid obtained by the crossing between Prunus Mahaleb and Merisier (Prunus Avium). Although it was obtained in United States, the Maxma 14 rootstock was infected with virus and was discarded due to … Read moreMaxma 14 rootstock (Maxma Delbard® 14)

Marilan (Marianna 2624 + Adara) rootstock 

The Marilan rootstock is commonly used for cherry tree plantations in soils where root asphyxiation does not allow the use of other patterns. The Marilan pattern results from the combination of the Mariana and Adara patterns, if you continue reading, you will discover the reason for this successful combination and its main features. Plum Rootstock … Read moreMarilan (Marianna 2624 + Adara) rootstock