Rocket cherry

Rocket cherry, also known as SMS-22. It is a cherry variety obtained by SMS UNLIMITED. SMS UNLIMITED is a research company located in California (USA). The variety was registered in October of the year 2010. As for the exploitation rights of Rocket, in case of having the usual duration (30 years), it will be in effect until the year 2040. Currently Viveros Ebro is the authorized publisher for its multiplication in Spain.

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Curiosities: In Spain, the first plantations were carried out together with Frisco. However, due to its lower productivity, Rocket is currently a much smaller variety than Frisco. The management of rockets is a way to chemically branch the tree and induce weakness to improve production.

Variety of Rocket cherry

Bloom : rocket is a variety of cherry auto-sterile. Rocket cherry, is flowering media (blooms during the first week of April). It is classified within Group XVIII of pollinators. You can use, among other pollinators, Burlat (Group XVI) and Frisco (Group IX).

Maturation : Rocket, is a variety of early maturation (8 days after Burlat).

Productivity : Rocket cherry, is a variety of normal productivity. And the speed of entry into production is normal. According to the nursery, production can be increased with (multiplication of branches, forced opening of branches, reducing risks and applying maneuvers to reduce vigor).

Vigor and carriage of the tree : Rocket cherry tree, has vigor high and of bearing semi-erect .

Agronomic characteristics of the Rocket cherry

Size : Rocket cherries, has a size very thick to reach maturity. Rocket has a size of 30 to 32 mm .

Shape : rocket has cordiform shape or heart-shaped.

Skin color : Rocket Cherry variety, when ripe, has a garnet color.

Pulp color : Rocket has the flesh red .

Taste : Rocket cherries is classified as good tasting. It has a level of 17-19 Brix.

Firmness : Rocket cherry, is classified as firm (78 Durofel). Its high firmness, a good capacity for conservation, making it possible to transport it over long distances.

Cracked resistance : Rocket cherry variety, has good resistance to cracking, cracking or breaking.

Cracked area .

Length of the peduncle : The Rocket peduncle is medium .

Without releasing the peduncle .

Positive aspects : fruits of very thick size. Good resistance to cracking.

Negative Aspects: Normal Productivity.

It is a very good cherry. However, according to the nursery, the entry into production is normal and normal productivity, therefore it is a variety that does not convince me.

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A significant part of the information, has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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