Why does my cherry tree drop its fruit?

why do cherries fall first to ripen, cherries on the ground, cherries fallen from the tree, small cherries fallen to the ground, cherries falling off tree before ripe , cherries drop before ripening, cherry fruit drop or run offThere are several reasons why cherry tree drop its fruit, being worrying to see how the cherries dry up on the tree and fall to the ground.

Although it is usually due to the non-application of phytosanitary treatments at the right time. There are other situations that are difficult to control by the farmer that can affect and cause the cherries to rot, dry out, or fall to the ground.

Why cherry trees dropping fruit?

There are several reasons why cherry trees dropping fruit to the ground. This may or may not be a problem, depending on the situation.

For example, even with the cherry trees perfectly cared for, with their subscribers, pruning and phytosanitary treatments, if the conditions are favorable the cherry trees can go into”overload”This situation usually occurs in self-fertile cherry varietieswhen conditions during pollination are optimal and there is plenty of water on the floor. In these cases, the trees feel capable of initially producing a large number of fruits. However, they eventually bump into reality and there is a major drop of pea-sized cherries.

In a similar way to what happens with the physiological fall of the olive, orange, plum and other fruit trees. The cherry tree may need to throw an”alarming”number of cherries to the ground in order to get the rest out. of fruits.

During this fall, the tree usually throws the smallest cherries to the ground or those with a defective fruit set, leaving the best cherries on the tree.

In the case of the cherry tree, these cherries discarded by the tree usually turn reddish before falling to the ground.

Self-sterile and vigorous trees with pollination problems, this drop in cherries can be seen without the need to reach overload levels. In this way, the cherries fall several weeks before being able to ripen since they are not viable fruits.

Why do cherries fruit dry up on the tree?

Damaged cherries drying out dry on the treeThe usual reason why cherries dry on the tree is the presence of fungi such as Monilia Spp. This is usually due to the non-application or inadequate application of phytosanitary treatments to control fungi.

We can find very small dry cherries when the damage occurs after flowering and also in cherries about to ripen.

Even carrying out the treatments in the proper time and manner, varieties sensitive to Monilia such as Lapinsunder favorable weather conditions can suffer significant damage from this cherry tree disease

Why do cherries rot?

Cherries rotten by monilia, because cherries rot, poached cherries the size of a peaThe usual reason why cherries rot is the incidence of diseases of the cherry tree of a nature fungal These tend to act especially in rainy and humid climates, where fungi develop easily, being the depth of the Monilia the main cause of cherries rotting on the tree.

Damage from cracking or hail causes the cherries to rot by exposing areas of the cherry with little protection against fungi.

When cherries affected or damaged by these fungi are collected, their post-harvest life is considerably reduced. The fact that the cherries rot in the boxes after they are harvested deteriorates their commercial value in the market.
Just one damaged cherry can end up damaging several around it.

To improve the quality of the fruit, productivity of the plantation and guarantee a good post-harvest life of the production. Professional farmers must carry out multiple phytosanitary treatments on the cherry tree.

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