Symphony cherry

Symphony cherry, is a procurement property of the Summerland research station in Canada. Symphony was initially named 13s 25-25 and is also known as Selina or Sinfony. Its origin is a cross made between Lapins and Bing. The date of release of the variety is the year 1996. Although I have not been able to find information about their registration in the EU, due to the release dates, breeder authorization should currently be necessary for their multiplication.

Image Symphony cherry, variety of cherry Symphony (Selina) cherry very late ripening

Curiosities: It’s a very late variety, mature between Sweet Heart and Staccato. Data from published studies of CITAREA, IMIDA and IRTA. Indicate a very good productivity, around 70% of Lapins. Due to its good characteristics and productive behavior, it falls within the varieties recommended by IMIDA.

Symphony cherry features

Flowering: Symphony variety is self-sterile. Selina is a cherry variety of medium-late blooming (first week of April). It belongs to Group IX (S1S4) of pollinators. You can pollinate with Sunburst , Kordia , Summit

Maturation: Symphony cherry is a very late variety, ripening occurs 37 days after Burlat.

Productivity: Symphony, is a productivity variety High. The entry into production is fast. It is a somewhat more productive variety that Staccato or Sweet Heart.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Selina is medium vigor and has a semi-erect bearing.

Agronomic Characterization of Symphony cherry

SizeSymphony cherries are medium-thick from 27-28mm.

Shape: Symphony is a rounded cherry.

Skin color: Selina cherry variety, upon reaching maturity, has a red color.

Pulp color: Symphony cherry flesh is Red.

Taste: Symphony is a cherry flavor Well, better rated than Staccato or Sweet Heart.

Firmness: Symfony cherry is firm. This aspect allows a longer collection period than other varieties.

Cracked resistance: Symphony cherry variety, has good resistance to cracking. By the very late ripening date and its good resistance to cracking, the probability of rain damage should be low.

Cracked area.

Peduncle Length: Symphony has the medium-long peduncle.

When it reaches maturity, releases the peduncle, an important advantage over other very late varieties of cherry. The cherry-like cherries appear larger or caliber when they are harvested without a tail.

Positive aspects: Self-fertile variety. Very late ripening time. Release the peduncle. Cherry of good firmness and quality.
Negative aspects.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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