Sentennial ® Cherry (SPC 103)

Sentennial cherry, variety Sentennial cherry, late cherry, SPC 103, 13S-21-23, 23 166 cspThe Sentennial cherry is a variety that ripens extra late, obtained by the Summerland station (Canada). Comes from open pollinated seeds of the variety SweetHeart, also known by the name SPC 103 and by its references in the 13S testing range -21-23 and 23 166 csp.

Cherry SPC 103 is registered under the patent number USPP26645P2 in the United States For its part, at the European level, IPS registered the patent application in December 2010. With registration number 20102859, Sentennial’s multiplication rights are protected until 12/31/ 2047.

Curiosities: It is an interesting cherry for late production areas, in Chile the harvest of this variety is done 3 weeks after Lapins. There is little information about its introduction into Spain, the cherry tree nurserieswho work with Summerland (IPS Plant), are the ones who could market it in Spain.

Characteristics of Sentennial Cherry

Flowering: Sentennialis a variety of cherry self-fertile In Canada, flowering begins just before Staccato. And it is considered a variety of medium flowering (first week of April).

Ripening: SPC103 cherry ripens 44-47 days after Burlat. Due to the time it is harvested, it is an extra-late harvest cherry variety. It is one of the latest varieties that exist, barely surpassed by Sovereign.

Productivity: the productive capacity of the Sentennial cherry tree, is very high, it can even surpass Lapins. In addition, SPC103 has a medium-high earliness.

Vigor and habit of the tree: the Sentennial cherry tree has a medium-high vigor. The habit of SPC 103 is open, with horizontal ramifications.

Morphological characteristics of cherry SPC 103

Size: the cherries produced by the SPC 103 variety can reach a thick size. Medium calibers of 29 mm can be obtained.

Shape: Sentennial has a reniform-heart-shaped shape.

Skin Color: Sentennial cherry , is harvested when it reaches red color.

Flesh color: SPC 103 has a red flesh color.

Taste: with 20.34° Brix, the Sentennial cherry variety tastes very good.

Firmness: The cherry SPC103 has high firmness. Thanks to this, it has an important post-harvest life and can be kept for up to 5 weeks in controlled chambers.

Resistance to cracking: medium-good resistance to cracking is estimated for the cherry variety SPC 103.

Cracked area.

Peduncle length: the Sentennial cherry,has a short-medium size peduncle.

Does not let go of the stem.

Positive aspects: harvest of very late cherry, self-fertile, firm, productive, good post-harvest life.

Negative aspects: as with other new cherry varieties, lack of information about their cultivation in Spain. Its characteristics have not been sufficiently verified in Spain and differences may arise with the data of the breeder.


There are multiple aspects that can cause differences in the characteristics of a cherry variety. Soil composition, rootstock, climatic conditions, harvest time, framework of the plantation, amendments and subscribers made, phytosanitary treatments, plantation altitude, tree load level, type of pruning carried out, bacteria, fungi, viruses or other pathologies, etc.

Before investing in a cherry plantation, it is important to carefully analyze the existing varieties and their economic viability in our growing area. The advice of farmers, technicians and professionals in the sector is a good way to reduce the risks of carrying out a cherry plantation.

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