Sunburst cherry

Sunburst cherry was obtained in 1994. Sunburst comes from a cross of Van with Stella. Obtained by the Summerland research station (Canada).

Fat cherry, Sunburst cherry tree, huge cherries with excellent flavor

Characteristics of  Sunburst cherry variety

Flowering: The Sunburst cherry variety is self-fertile, and has been classified within Group III pollinators. Bloom from Sunburst is late (Second week of April).

Maturation: The Sunburst variety matures 21 days after Burlat. For its optimal harvest date, it is among the late cherries varieties.

Productivity: The productivity of the Sunburst variety is High, being one of the cherry varieties that best combines thick size with high production. A study of the year 2002 marked an average production (four years) higher than 25t / ha in plantations of 400 trees / ha on SL-64 graft carriers.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Sunburst cherry tree has a vigor medium or vigorous according to the reference source. In my opinion it is rather vigorous, admitting high fruit loads. The bearing of Sunburst is semi-erect.

Properties of the Sunburst Cherry

Variety of cherry Sunburst, Sunburst cherrySize: You can get 30mm cherries on average, sorting the size of the cherry Sunburst is very big.

Form: The Sunburst cherry variety has a rounded shape.

Skin color: The color red indicates that the Sunburst cherry has reached maturity.

Pulp color: Sunburst has the pulp of red color.

Taste: Sunburst cherries have taste very good. Its large size makes this cherry an explosion of flavor.

Firmness: The Sunburst cherry, is a variety of cherry hardness soft or medium depending on the source consulted. From my experience, I would say that this cherry is soft, in order to increase the firmness, the collection tends to be slightly ahead of the optimum state of maturation. For the narrow margin of existing time for your collection, it is not recommended to large plantations of this variety. It can be considered a good variety to include in small or family gardens.

The very thick size of the fruit and its excellent taste, make it a cherry with good commercial outlets and you can get good prices of sale for this variety of cherry.

Cracked resistance: Sunburst has a Good cracking resistance, a step below the best value on the cracking resistance scale.

Cracked area: Cracking occurs in peduncular and general areas of the cherry.

Length of peduncle: Sunburst cherry has a long peduncle.

Curiosities: The high productivity, the very thick size and the long peduncle, make that Sunburst cherry allow a good picking rhythm of cherries. Do not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: It is autofertil, excellent taste and big cherries, It is very productive and has a quick start in production.

Negative aspects: It is a soft cherry, sensitive to the monilia and its consistency is weak for transport.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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