What variety of olive gives more oil?

Which olive variety gives more oil, olive variety which gives more oilThe olive variety that gives the most oil will vary depending on the climate and other growing conditions. Thus, not everything is black or white and the most productive olive variety in one area may not be so in another.

In Spain, the variety of olives that produces the greatest amount of olive oil is undoubtedly Picual. Although the rise of the large super-intensive olive groveshave been gaining market share for olive varieties such as Arbequina, Picual continues to be the preferred olive variety for intensive olive cultivation.

Best olive for oil production

To determine which is the best olive for oil production, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the growing area where we are located. In this way, it will be easier for us to select the most profitable olive variety.

Due to the adaptation of the olive tree to the climate and terrain, we can find varieties that are very productive in certain areas and have problems producing in other places.

Thus, before selecting an olive variety for olive oil production, we must assess its resistance to plagues and olive diseases, Its resistance to conditions of intense drought, waterlogging, cold, heat, structure and composition of the soil.In this way we can consider if our area is suitable for plant olive trees of the variety we like.

Giving examples of the most used olive varieties in Spain to produce olive oil in unfavorable conditions.

We have that the olive variety Cornicabra has an excellent resistance to drought.

On the other hand, Hojiblanca is very tolerant of limestone soils. The olive variety Arroniz is the preferred variety for producing olive oil in cold areas like Navarra Frantoio is an Italian olive variety that does well in lands with Verticillium but needs to accumulate more cold hours to produce…

On the other hand, the type of plantation to be carried out will also influence the selection of the variety for olive oil production. Thus, for example, super-intensive planting frameworks require varieties that are not very vigorous in order to achieve high and profitable productions.

As we have seen, to select the best olive for oil we will have to take into account different factors. The success of our olive plantation will depend on a correct selection.

Variety of olives that gives more oil

To accurately calculate the variety of olive that gives more oil. It is necessary to take into account two factors, on the one hand the kg of olives produced by one hectare and on the other the fat yield of the olives.

Regarding the yield of the olives, we have to:

Among the olive varieties that give more olive oil per kilo, we have the following: Picual, Cornicabra, < em>Verdial, Arbequina, Morisca, Farga, Picudo, Birdman

As we can see, among the high-yield varieties are those most cultivated in Spain ( Picual, Arbequina and Cornicabra).

It is no coincidence that the olive varieties most cultivated in Spain are the ones that offer the highest fat yield.
This is a very important point, as it has a great influence on production costs. Both for needing to transport less kg of olives and for lower milling costs.

In Spain, Picual is the star olive variety for the following reasons: High fat yield, regular harvests, easy to pick, good adaptation to pruning, excellent quality oil.

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