How much does a cherry weigh? 5, 10, 15, 20 grams…

How much does a cherry weigh, weight of a fat cherry, weight of a cherryTo find out how much does a cherry weigh approximately, it is necessary to know its size or caliber (22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 mm) and shape (rounded, cordate, reniform…). With these dimensions the weight of a cherry can vary considerably, from just 3-4 grams for the very small size to 20 grams which can reach some exceptionally large cherriesunder certain conditions.

The cherry variety has a great influence on the size and shape, having selected the varieties with the highest caliber for their better commercial acceptance thanks to their higher pulp/stone ratio.

How much do the fattest cherries weigh?

Classifying the thickest cherries, we can say that a weight of more than 10 grams is equivalent to a very large cherry (size 30 mm)., 15 grams (34 mm caliber) are huge cherries and exceptionally in trees with very low tree loads, with special treatments and in favorable climatic conditions, cherries of >20 grams with calibers of 36-38 mm.

Most of the cherry production with sizes greater than 30 mm is exported abroad. Although it is possible to find cherries of this size in some select greengrocers and Gourmet shops in Spain. Foreign consumers are willing to pay a higher price for these excellent quality cherries.

Some of the plumpest cherry varieties out there are Sunburst, Summit, Canada Giant, Nimba, Sylvia Cherry, Royal Bailey, Sabrina, Sonata, Royal Helen, Utah Giant. These varieties are capable of producing cherries with an average size of 30 mm.

Weight of large cherries

We can consider that the weight of a large cherry oscillates between 8 and 11 grams, which would be between a caliber of 28 and 30 mm .

Medium-sized cherries

For a medium-sized cherry the weight ranges between 6 and 8 grams, which is equivalent to a caliber of 26 mm. Calibers smaller than this is what we usually find in many supermarkets.

How much does a small cherry weigh?

Regarding the weight of a small cherry, we can say that they are between 4 and 6 grams with a fruit size of between 22 and 24 mm.

Although the trees can produce smaller cherries when overloaded, their harvesting is not feasible as prices do not cover the cost of harvesting. Usually this type of cherries are declassified and used for the production of spirits such as cherry liqueur Kirsch.

Ratio weight size of a cherry

In the following table you can see the weight/size ratio that approximately one cherry has.

It must be borne in mind that this ratio may vary according to the shape of the cherries.
So, a reniform-shaped cherry will have less weight, for the same size, than a heart-shaped or rounded cherry.

Size øEstimated weightCherry Dimensions
36-38mm20 gramsExtraordinarily large
34mm15 gramsGiant
32mm13 gramsHuge
30mm10 gramsVery Large
28mm9 gramsLarge
26mm7 gramsMedium
24mm6 gramsSmall
22mm4 gramsVery small

How many cherries are there in a kilo?

As can be seen, the weight of the largest cherries (20 grams) is 5 times higher than the smallest ones (4 grams).

In this way it can be said that a kilogram of cherries can have between 50 and 250 cherries cherries. The usual thing for maximum quality cherries with stalks is to have values of less than 100 cherries per kilo, as is the case of cherries that you can buy through our online store.

Taking these data into account, we calculate how many cherries there are in 100 grams, between 5 and 25 cherries according to their weight, being the usual thing in the Spanish market to find cherries weighing less than 10 grams.

Pillory cherries”Sin Rabo”

The cherry varieties of the picota type “without a tail”usually have a weight and size that is much lower than that of the cherry with a tail. This is partly due to the fact that its consistency is firmer (crunchy), an aspect that requires a greater mobilization of resources from the cherry tree.

In spite of this, thanks to not having a tail, the visually appreciable size is superior, in addition to being cherry varieties with a harder and firmer consistency, exquisite flavor and highly appreciated by consumers. The weight of these cherries is usually less than 30 mm, and excellent quality cherries of these varieties are usually between 26 and 28 mm.

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