Burlat cherry

The variety of Burlat cherry, also called Early Burlat, comes from France, but its breeder is unknown. The following characteristics belong to Burlat Compat, a variety obtained through Burlat irradiation and the most widespread in Spain.

cherry tree Burlat, Burlat cherry Compact

Curiosities: The Burlat variety is the early reference variety in Spain. It represents an important percentage of early cherry production, and it is common to find its name as a reference in the markets. Currently, the Burlat variety, is in decline, thanks to the existence of better varieties.

Properties of the Burlat cherry variety

Bloom: Burlat is auto-sterile, depending on the source consulted, it is within Group VII (S3S5) or XVI (S3S9) of pollinators. The time of bloom of the Burlat variety is media (during the first week of April).

Maturation: Burlat cherry, is the early cherry of reference in Europe. Mature 19 days before Bing.

Productivity: The variety Burlat cherry, has a productive capacity media.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Burlat cherry tree has a medium vigor. The size of the Burlat variety varies depending on the source, considering Erect or Open. Being under my experience of open bearing.

Chill hours: An IMIDA study indicates cold needs of 604 hours below 7ÂșC or 934 Cold Units according to Richardson (Utah).

Characteristics of Burlat cherry

Size: You can get cherries 27-28mm on average, presenting Burlat a size cherry medium to thick.

Form: this cherry variety, has a round-flattened shape.

Skin color: Burlat cherry reaches maturity with a dark red skin color.

Pulp Color: The pulp of the Burlat cherry variety has a color of red.

Flavor: Burlat, is cataloged with a good or medium flavor according to the reference. In my opinion, its flavor is good for an early variety.

Firmness: Burlat is a cherry variety of medium or strong hardness depending on the source of the query. Personally, I would say that this cherry has a medium firmness.

In the past, the quality improvement that was the introduction of this variety, size of the fruit, early maturation and good taste, made Burlat an appreciated variety, with good selling prices. These characteristics produced a significant extension of the plantations. However, today it could be considered an outdated and decaying variety.

Crack resistance: The Burlat cherry variety has a cracking media resistance, aspect that in rainy climates, you can suffer their plantations with frequent damage to production

Cracked area: Occurs in the general zone.

Length of the peduncle: Burlat is a cherry with the short peduncle, aspect that has a slightly negative influence on the cherry picking rhythm, but that helps to pretend a better size of the fruit.

Do not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Cherry early.

Negative aspects: Tends to produce double fruits (commercially unappreciated). Maturation occurs in a staggered or irregular manner, making collection difficult.


A significant part of the information has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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