Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom photography, cherry blossom, cherry blossom, cherry blossom imageSeeing cherry blossoms is a show that can only be enjoyed a few weeks a year.

In addition to its beauty, cherry blossom is an important resource for bees, bumblebees and other insects. The cherry trees reward with abundant amount of nectar and pollen to the insects that pollinate their flowers.

Flowering Valle del Jerte

Cherry blossoms trees Jerte Valley, cherry blossom, cherry blossom, cherry blossom image, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023The cherry blossom in the Jerte Valley, is an important tourist attraction in Extremadura. With some 7,000 hectares of cultivated cherry and more than 1,000,000 cherry trees, the Jerte Valley is one of the best places in the world to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom.

This show attracts thousands of visitors and fills the news of the most important media in Spain.

The first cherry trees begin to bloom in the warmer areas of the lower part of the Jerte Valley. Gradually the number of cherry blossoms is increasing and flowering is rising to the later areas, staining the valley white.

Although full flowering is reduced to a little more than a week. In the Jerte Valley, it is possible to enjoy contemplating cherry blossoms for more than a month.

Time of flowering of the cherry tree

cherry blossom photography, cherry blossom picture, cherry blossom imageCherry blossom takes place at the beginning of spring and lasts for several weeks. Depending on the cherry variety, flowering may be earlier or later.

Weather conditions (accumulated chill hours, temperature, situation, hours of sunshine…), produce important variations the date of flowering of the cherry tree. For this reason, it is difficult to establish a specific date.

We can take as reference 2018 as a year with a very important delay of the cherry blossom. Flowering was concentrated between April 10 and 30, reaching its peak on April 20. The low temperatures and abundant amount of rainfall during the month of March and the beginning of April led to this important delay in flowering of the cherry tree.

During 2017 the full flowering occurred during the last week of March and in 2016 due to the lack of cold hours the flowering was irregular and late (second week of April).

In 2019 the shortage of rain and high temperatures have advanced the opening of the cherry blossom. As of March 15, in the lower altitude areas, the early flowering cherry trees are already half-flowering. In addition, they begin to open the first cherry blossoms with late flowering. It is foreseeable that, by March 22, many areas are already with their cherry trees in full bloom.

During 2023, on March 22, the first flowers of the extra early varieties began to be seen, with favorable weather, it is likely that the cherry trees will be in full bloom during the first week of April.

As we can see, the dates to enjoy cherry blossoms can vary up to a month from one year to another.

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