Summit cherry

Summit Cherry variety was obtained in the year 1973 from a cross between the varieties Van and Sam. Obtained by research station Summerland  (Canada).

Summit cherry

Curiosities: The size of the fruit, its heart shaped and its good taste, make it a commercially much appreciated cherry and get good sale prices for this variety of cherry.

Chill hours: A CSIC study, published in 1987, shows cold needs for the Summit cherry variety, very high, exceeding 1100 hours.

Characteristics variety of cherry Summit

BloomSummit cherry is self-sterile, belongs to Group I of pollinators and is late blooming (Second week of April). Among other varieties, they can pollinate it Sunburst (Group III), Sylvia (Group IX), Van (Group II). Traditionally Summit has been pollinated with Sunburst, although it isn’t a good pollinator for Summit. In my opinion it should be pollinated with more than one variety.

Maturation: Summit Cherry matures 16 days after Burlat. Due to its maturation date, it enters the category of cherry varieties of mid season.

Productivity: It’s a complicated variety because of pollination problems. Summit cherry is classified as a variety of average productivity. My experience with a cherry tree that I have of this variety are several years of zero load (collection not economically viable), others of rather small loads and some very sporadic year with a very high production (interestingly one of these years coincided with the installation of a wild bee hive in a nearby trunk). It is a cherry tree that does not vegetate well in my area, suffering some stress during the summer.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Summit cherry  tree is vigorous and has a erect bearing. These characteristics make it necessary to be especially aware of cherry pruning.

Summit cherry Properties

Size: The fruit is 29-30mm, sorting size from the cherry Summit of very thick.

Form: Summit Cherry has a form heart-shaped or technically cordiform.

Skin color: Summit reaches its maturity, when its skin shows red color.

Pulp color: cherries have a pink color.

Taste: Summit cherries have a good flavor. Personally I think that its flavor is very good, it is not an excessively sweet cherry but it has a touch of acidity that makes it especially succulent.

Firmness: Summit cherries, depending on the source consulted, presents a medium or firm consistency. Taking into account my personal experience, I would classify it as firm.

Crack Resistance: Summit Cracking resistance is Good, one step below the maximum value in the cracking resistance scale.

Cracked area: Cracking occurs in the apical area of the cherry.

Peduncle length: The peduncle length of the Summit cherries is media.

Do not release the peduncle. In practice, usually you can not take without tail, although in some cases I have seen them collect in this way, without apparent damage.

Positive aspects: Presents Caliber and production very regular, produces fruits of good quality, has a Attractive way and resists transport well.

Negative aspects: You need a variety for pollination. T has a slow start in production. It is sensitive to the monilia  (to obtain cherries of quality, we depend on the application of fungicide treatments).

The variety of Cherry Summit was improved for a better set and higher production. The result was the variety of cherry Canada Giant.

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A significant part of the information, comes from Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

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