Nimba cherry

Nimba cherry was obtained by SMS UNLIMITED LLC, in California (United States). Its origin an unpublished crossing. Also named SMS 290. Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) registered since 2013. The rights of exploitation of the variety, have duration until the year 2043. In Spain Viveros Ebro is the Authorized Editor for the commercialization of the variety.

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Curiosities: It’s a very recent variety. Stands out for improvement r hardness, post-harvest life and flavor versus to other varieties of its time. Its good features, coupled with a variety of cherry collection extra-early make it possible to achieve a good sale prices for this variety.

Characteristics of the Nimba cherry

Flowering: The Nimba cherry, is self-sterile, and pollen crossing is necessary for fruit setting. It belongs to the Group IV (S 2 S 3 ). Among others, you can pollinate with Pacific Red (SMS-291) and SMS-280. Blooms 3-5 days before Burlat, therefore its flowering can be considered early (last week of March).

Maturation: Nimba cherry , is extra-early maturation, 3-5 days before Burlat . Mature 2 days before Early Bigi .

Productivity: The variety of cherry SMS-290, is considered a variety of very good productivity. Being a new variety, there are no studies that allow us to compare its productive capacity with other varieties. You have a quick start in production.

Vigor and carriage of the tree: Nimba tree has a medium vigor and is open bearing. The tree is easy to branch.

Nimba cherry, morphological characteristics

Size: Nimba cherries have a size very thick. You can get average sizes of 30 mm.

Form: Cherry variety Nimba has reniform shape.

Skin color: Nimba or SMS-290 , reaches maturity with an attractive dark red color.

Pulp color: Nimba cherries has pulp color Red.

Flavor: Nimba is a cherry variety with a good taste, it has a Brix rating of 16.

Firmness: Nimba cherries are firm. According to studies has 70 durofel, has a good firmness despite being an early collection cherry. This aspect together with its good post-harvest life make it a cherry suitable for export.

Cracked resistance: depending on the source consulted, similar to Early Bigi (little) or Burlat (media). In areas with a high risk of rain, it is highly advisable to install a roof or hire insurance.

Cracked area.

Length of the peduncle: Nimba cherry, has a peduncle of size medium.

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: Suitable for export. Very early cherry. Fruit of good quality.

Negative aspects: Sensitive to cracking.

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A significant part of the information, has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

2 thoughts on “Nimba cherry

  1. Hello Antonio.

    Are there any updates on this variety, Some source say that nimba is self-fertile. Whats its production capacity?

  2. Hello Caglar,
    Can you tell me the source? I find recent publications (December 2020) from Spanish research centers that continue to indicate that Nimba belongs to group IV.

    Regarding the production, I have not located comparative studies and I am not growing this variety. But it has good references, as it is not self-fertile and is early, it is normal that its productivity is lower than that of later self-fertile varieties. However, the fact that it is an early variety and with good size and quality fruit can make its cultivation very profitable in dry areas.


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