Royal Tioga cherry

Royal Tioga cherry is a collection made in the United States. More specifically, at the research station of Zaiger’s Inc Genetics located in Modesto, California.

Royal Tioga cherry, Royal Tioga variety, early cherry

Curiosities: It is a cherry variety published only a few years ago, it is very recent and is currently in the registration period. The exploitation rights of this variety in Europe have been acquired by the IPS (International Plants Selection) nursery.

Characteristics of the Royal Tioga variety

Flowering: Royal Tioga variety is a self-fertile cherry. It has alleles S1 and S4 ‘. It is an early-flowering variety of very early flowering (begins before March 24).

Maturation: Royal Tioga cherry, mature 1-3 days after Burlat. According to your pick-up date, it is a early cherry variety.

Productivity: the productive capacity of the cherry tree Royal Tioga, is high. In addition, it is a variety of precocious entry into production.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Royal Tioga cherry is medium-high vigor. The size of Royal Tioga is semi-open, the most suitable size usually for the formation of the tree.

Chill hours: needs of 500 chill hours have been estimated (below 7ºC).

Morphological characteristics of Royal Tioga cherry

Size: the cherries produced by the Royal Tioga cherry tree manage to obtain a thick size. These dimensions make it possible to obtain sizes with an average of 28-30 mm.

Form: Royal Tioga presents reniform shape or rounded by source.

Skin color: the Royal Tioga variety is harvested when it reaches the red color- dark red.

Pulp color: Cherry pulp Royal Tioga, is Red.

Taste: the variety of Royal Tioga cherry, is of good flavor. 16 ° Brix have been calculated.

Firmness: The Royal Tioga cherry is very firm. In spite of being an early cherry, it has good hardness (78 Durofel), a very interesting aspect for post-harvest.

Cracked Resistance: A good resistance to cracked is estimated for the Royal Tioga cherry variety. This is an interesting and differential aspect compared to other early varieties.

Cracked area.

Peduncle length: Royal Tioga cherries have a peduncle length medium.

Does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects: self-fertile, good crack resistance, firm, productive, < em> good post-harvest life.

Negative aspects: it’s a very new variety of cherry. Its characteristics on the Spanish territory have not been sufficiently studied and may differ from those described.

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A significant part of the information, has been disclosed by Spanish research organizations. The behavior of cherry tree varieties may be different depending on the growing place.

4 thoughts on “Royal Tioga cherry

  1. Hello Anthony,
    I am confused about R. Tioga harvest date. According to Zaiger, R.Tioga 7 days before burlat. But other researches tell 3 days after burlat as you. what is the reason for this difference? Climatic conditions?
    Best Regards,

  2. Hello,
    In France (Davidal), they say it matures 3 days after Burlat. In Spain, the IMIDA says that 1 day later, on the other hand, the maturation calendar of Viveros Ebro has the earliest variety of cherry trees (7-9 days before).
    Personally I find several explanations.
    1.- It is a new cherry variety, so it has not been as studied as other varieties.
    2.- The needs of cold hours of the variety are very low, this helps the flowering is much ahead (15 days before burlat), in fact the owner of the cherry nursery Mariano Soria, told me that with Royal Tioga can Advance the harvest until 9 days before Burlat. The low needs of cold cause that in early zones the exit of the rest in ahead they face a lot with respect to other varieties that continue need to accumulate cold hours to flower.
    3.- The climate has influence and can advance / delay its maturation with respect to another variety depending on the year.
    4.- Incorrect collection of cherries, the usual color of cherries in Spain is dark red, however, R.Tioga must be collected before.

    A greeting

  3. Hello.

    Are there any updates on this variety, there is little going on anywhere…

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