Olive Harvest

The decision about olive harvest season varies depending on various conditions. Degree of maturation, fat yield, climatic conditions. So, when olives are harvested to eat, the olives are harvested green from the tree. However to produce oil, the start of the season is delayed, to increase fat yield. The decision about the beginning of the … Read moreOlive Harvest

How to Prune an Olive Tree

Learning how to prune an olive tree may seem simple. However, pruning the olive grove in the most appropriate way is something that requires good training, lots of practice and experience. Trimming olive trees is an art with different techniques: training pruning of the olive tree, pruning maintenance and pruning of renovation. When the olive trees are cut … Read moreHow to Prune an Olive Tree

Olive picking machine

Currently we can find olive picking machine of gasoline, electric or pneumatic. Olive harvesting machines have certain differences of prices, benefits, manageability and comfort. The use of olive harvesting machine, electric olive harvester, olive tree shaker has helped to advance the harvest time and reduce harvest times. We must take into account the variety of olives that … Read moreOlive picking machine

Olive tree blossom

The olive tree blossom occurs when the average temperature daily exceeds 18ºC this It usually happens between the months of May and June. Depending on the climatic conditions and the cultivation area, the flowering season of the olive tree can be advanced or delayed. The olive tree flowers are located on the shoots of the previous … Read moreOlive tree blossom

Olive allergy

In spring, during flowering of the olive tree, pollen levels skyrocket. It is essential for allergy sufferers to adopt protective measures to reduce the symptoms of olive allergy The olive allergy is increasingly common, exposure to large amounts of olive pollen during spring can cause upset sensitive people. The different olive varieties are reproduced using … Read moreOlive allergy

Olive tree care

The professional farmer must apply the different olive tree care to keep the olive grove healthy and productive. Next, we will show the agricultural work carried out to cultivate the olive: pruning, subscriber, treatments, use of herbicides… Olive tree care: Pruning The pruning of the olive tree is an art, achieving enough experience to prune with … Read moreOlive tree care

Olive tree nurseries

Olive tree nurseries for buy, Spanish and Italian varieties, olive trees, cheap sale prices, olive seedlings in bags, expert nurseries in super high density olive orchard. Where to buy olive trees? Nurseries: sale price, plants, variety… In Spain there are more than 100 olive tree nurseries, dedicated to the production or marketing of olive seedlings … Read moreOlive tree nurseries

Olive tree fertilizer

To make a correct olive tree fertilizer, the first thing we need to know are the mineral needs of the olive tree. It must be clear that the best fertilizer for olive trees will be the one that allows us to provide the most deficient nutrients in the olive tree. To know the mineral deficiencies … Read moreOlive tree fertilizer

Olive peacock spot (Cycloconium oleaginum)

Olive peacock spot, bird’s eye spot or olive leaf spot (Cycloconium oleaginum (Castagne 1845)) is probably the most serious disease that affects the olive grove. Although there are effective treatments and some olive varieties have certain resistance, its incidence has an important impact on the productivity of the olive tree. In Italy the disease is known as Occhio … Read moreOlive peacock spot (Cycloconium oleaginum)