Semidana Olive tree

Variety of Semidana olive tree, suitable for hedgeThe variety of Semidana olive tree is traditional from the province of Oristano (central-western Sicily). It is also possible to find old specimens of this variety in the central area of ​​Sicily.

At present, interest in the variety has improved thanks to its adaptation to the cultivation of olive grove in hedge (Arbequina, Koroneiki, Arróniz, Frangivento, Arbosana, Blanqueta…)

Curiosities: The name derives from the word Semidas, which refers to the planting of this olive tree as an indicator marker of boundaries and roads. In addition, the variety of Semidana olive is found within genetic research programs, to clarify the genes that influence the productivity of olive varieties >.

Names or synonyms: the Semidana olive tree is also called: Olia de Riola, Olivo Terzo Grande, Olieddu Terzu and Terza.

Characteristics of the Semidana Olive Tree

The Semidana olive tree is currently expanding in its traditional zone. It is a variety little sensitive to diseases and has good behavior in hedge plantations.

Productivity: the Semidana olive variety is an entry into production early. This and its high productivity, makes it possible to start olive grove plantations in hedge.

Regularity of bearing: Semidana is a variety with regular production (shortly).

Flowering: The Semidana olive tree is medium flowering and its pollen is partially self-compatible.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the Semidana olive tree has medium vigor, is open bearing and has a medium glass density.

Leaf: The Semidana olive tree has leaves of elliptical-lanceolate and medium size.

Diseases: It is very resistant to the attack of Prays and is moderately resistant to repilo and the tuberculosis. In general, their behavior against diseases is good.

Semidana Olive, morphological characteristics

The Semidana olive variety is used for the olive oil production. Although the amount of oil extracted in the oil mill (industrial performance) is medium-low, a high and constant amount of olives can be produced. The high production together with the good valuation of the oil, make the variety profitable.

Maturation: the Semidana olive tree produces olives of late and staggered ripening.

Size: Semidana olive is medium weight or size (3 grams).

Shape: The Semidana variety, has olives of elliptical shape, slightly asymmetric and with pronounced nipple.

Skin color: the Semidana olive, the skin reaches maturity the violet color. It has large and numerous lenticels.

Pulp: Despite its acceptable size, it is not used for table olives.

Yield: Semidana olive has olives medium-low yield.

Uses: good valuation for the high quality olive oil production.

Advantages: high and constant productivity.

Adaptation to the olive grove in hedge (high density).

Disadvantages: low fat yield.

Semidana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Semidana Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is a fluid oil, with a pleasant aroma and intense flavor.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Semidana, Semidana olive oil, Semidana EVOOTaste: Semidana olive produces a fruity olive oil of medium-high intensity, with bitter and spicy touches of medium-low intensity. The aroma of olive leaf is especially intense, although notes of artichoke, green almonds, tomatoes and berries are also detectable.

Properties: The Semidana olive oil has a medium content of linoleic acid (10%) and oleic (70% ), with a high presence of Polyphenols (400).

Price: Extra Virgin Olive oil Semidana can be purchased at € 17 / liter.

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