Cornezuelo olive

variety of Olivo CornezueloCornezuelo olive tree, produces dual-fitness olives, they can be used both for table olives, and for oil production.

The Cornezuelo olive variety has a small cultivation extension, located east of Badajoz and has a certain presence in Córdoba.

Its main cultivation area is Monterrubio de la Serena, forming a fundamental part of the PDO “Monterrubio Oil”.

Curiosities: The name of the olive variety Cornezuelo “, is given by the shape of the fruit, similar to the Cornicabra olives. Due to this similarity, in some municipalities they call the Cornicabra olive, Cornezuelo, an aspect that can generate some confusion.

Synonymies: the olive tree Cornezuelo, is also known by the name”Corniche”

Features of the Cornezuelo Olive Tree

Cornezuelo olive is a variety of local character, its oil has interesting characteristics, although its resistance to diseases and productivity is lower than others best known olive varieties.

Productivity: the Cornezuelo olive tree, is entered into production media and productivity media.

Regularity of bearing: the variety of olive tree Cornezuelo has an intermediate beat.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the olive tree Cornezuelo has vigor high, is erect bearing and has a high cup density.

Leaf: The olive variety Cornezuelo has a long leaf and lanceolate.

Diseases: Ergot is very sensitive to winter cold, is sensitive to the Colletotrichum sp in olives and to repilo. On the other hand, it has medium-low resistance to tuberculosis and to fly attack.

Cornezuelo olives, morphological characteristics

The Cornezuelo olives produces a very good quality oil. In its cultivation area, the Cornezuelo olive variety is also appreciated for table olives, producing very well-valued machás olives. How to sweeten Cornezuelo olives?

Cornezuelo olives, stewed olives, seasoned olives, pickles

Maturation: Cornezuelo is a late-ripening olive tree .

Size: olives Cornezuelo have large size.

Shape: Cornezuelo olives, are asymmetric and has a horn shape with the presence of bulges or humps .

Pulp: the Cornezuelo olive variety has a good pulp / bone ratio.

Peduncle: Cornezuelo olives have the peduncle of size long.

Yield: The Cornezuelo olive tree has a high fat yield, over 20%.

Collection: Cornezuelo has a high shedding resistance. Despite this resistance, if it is picked mature, thanks to its weight, it can be collected without great difficulty.

Uses: the Cornezuelo olive is used to a greater extent for the oil production.
It is also used in dressing as male olives being highly appreciated in its cultivation area, but poorly known if we buy it with the olive Gordal olives, Verdial de Badajoz or Manzanilla Cacereña.

Taste: Cornezuelo EVOO, is protected by the PDO”Monterrubio Oil”and has very good organoleptic characteristics. The aroma is fruity with pleasant notes of green grass.

Advantages: Cornezuelo olive oil is of very good quality and the olive has high fat yield.

Disadvantages: On the other hand, the tree is sensitive to cold and other diseases.

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