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Where to buy olive trees? Nurseries: sale price, plants, variety…

In Spain there are more than 100 olive tree nurseries, dedicated to the production or marketing of olive seedlings and ornamental trees.

Information on the complete activity of the nursery has been requested. Olive varieties available, price of olive seedlings, minimum order, shipping costs, certificates of quality

After a reasonable waiting time, the following olive nurseries responded with the information requested to our email, showing good treatment and quick response.

Recommended olive tree nurseries

After a week of waiting, these are the olive tree nurseries that have responded to our request for information.

Vivero Extremolivo S.L.

Vivero Extremolivo SL Extremadura producer of olive plantsExtremolivo is a olive nursery specialized in super-intensive plantations.

Land studies and specialized olive plantation design.

Advice and selection of the olive varieties most appropriate to our conditions. In addition, they offer technical advice for the correct growth of the plantation and the management of pests and diseases of the olive tree.

They produce certified olive plants mainly from Arbequina. Although they also have potted olive plants of the Picual varieties, Hojiblanca and Arbosana.

Most of his business is developed in Badajoz and Portugal. Although it is possible to buy olive plants from anywhere in the península.

The price of olive plants depends on the market and the season. Currently (May 2018) they sell Arbequina plants for € 0.96 / unit (VAT not included). The plant that is sold is in pot of 9×9 cm or 7×7 cm. They are new plants with about 4 months and between 30 and 40 centimeters of height, ideal for planting olive trees.

On the other hand, in addition to selling olive trees. They are suppliers of planting material ( olive tutors, protectors, rubber, wire, posts, tensioners for trellis…).

They can also handle the collection and sale of the olive.

Contact Data

Website: extremolivo.com
Phone: 605 59 40 26
Email: administracion@extremolivo.es

Alberola nurseries

Alberola viverosAlberola is a olive trees nursery specialized in the online sale of olive plants, cherry tree, almond…

They have an important range of olive varieties. They focus on the online sale to individuals, supply to agricultural cooperatives and management of physical store.

Mainly work the potted olive plants.

It is a Valencian olive tree nursery, so it has for sale many of the traditional olive plants of the Valencian Community.

Alfafarenca, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Empeltre, Genovesa, Grosal, Morrut, Regues, Serrana, Verdillo and Villalonga.

They also have most demanded olive plants in Spain:

Arbequina, Cornicabra, Franotio, Gordal Sevillana, Hojiblanca, Camomile and Picual.

They sell small olive plants in trays of alveoli. In pot of 9×9 in pot of 14, 17, 20, 25, 30 and 40 cm in diameter, very suitable to put in a patio/garden.

The retail prices retail are published on their website (between 2.50 and € 225 ). Large potted olive trees are priced higher.

On the other hand, the prices of olive plants are tighter for large plantations and agricultural cooperatives. The nursery makes personalized budgets according to the needs of each client.

They produce the olive plants through in vitro reproduction techniques.

Contact Data

Website: alberolaviveros.com
Phones: 962 59 03 76, 676 96 55 27 and 676 96 55 25
Email: alberola@alberolaviveros.com

Nurseries Sancho Hnos

Viveros Sancho Hnos, olive nurseryWith more than 60 years of history, nurseries Sancho is a consolidated nursery. In addition to a wide range of olive seedlings, they also have cherry plants, almond, kakis, peach, medlar, lemon, orange, pistachio…

They have olive plants for sale in various formats: grafted olive trees, potted olive plants, container olive trees and olive plants obtained by fogging. They may also have availability of centenary olive trees.

Have a license and certification for the production and commercialization of Arbequina i-18 ®

They have a good range of traditional varieties of the area:

Empeltre, Arbequina, Nano, Regués, Serrana, Villalonga, Blanqueta, Arbosana.

And other Spanish, Italian and Greek varieties of great interest.

Chamomile, Picual , Gordal Sevillana, Hojiblanca, Frantoio and Koroneiki.

Price of olive trees from € 1 for the 25 cm seedlings up to € 4,500 that can reach centenary olive trees. Discounts by volume in the wholesale olive sale.

Contact Data

Website: viverossancho.com
Phones: 977 73 00 96 and 977 26 12 65
Email: info@viverossancho.com

OlivoPlant Nurseries

Buy olive seedlings, OlivoPlant, sale of olive trees onlineOlivoPlant is a Cordoba nursery specializing in the multiplication of mycorrhized olive plants. They have more than 10 years of experience in the sector and sell certified olive seedlings, they have CAC quality parents (Conformitas Agrarias Communitatis).

In addition, they have phytosanitary passport to export.

Sale of olive trees throughout Spain through its online store, by email or WhatsApp.

They have an important range with more than 20 varieties of olive trees for sale: Hojiblanca, Morisca, Picual, Arbequina, Picudo, Lechin de Sevilla

They produce the potted olive plants with peat and bag with silt, of various sizes. With cheap sales prices from € 1 / u, plus shipping costs.

Contact Data

Website: olivoplant.com
Phones: 635 07 89 03 and 600 336 784
Email: olivoplant@gmail.com

Comercial Técnica y Viveros S.L.

Cotevisa is a Valencian nursery with more than 30 years of experience. They have a capacity of production of 12,000,000 plants a year, and also have the largest in vitro culture laboratory in Spain.

They have olive mother plants of more than 30 varieties (Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Alfafara, Cornicabra…). Its authorization for the sale of olive seedlings of the variety Sikitita stands out.

They guarantee the production of free olive plants of Verticillium, Xylella Fastidiosa, virus

In addition to olive growing, they produce paulownia, almond and fruit plants (kiwi, persimmon, peach, pomegranate ).

They sell the potted olive plants of 1.5 liters and height of 1 meter, with a price of € 2 / u.

Contact Data

Website: cotevisa.com
Telephone: 96 254 19 11
Email: comercial@cotevisa.com

Viveros Criado S.L.

Viveros Criado SL, logoViveros Criado is a nursery located in the locality of Castro del Río (Córdoba).

They produce certified olive plants of the varieties Picual and Arbequina. To do this, they use techniques of semi-milky stapling and nebulization.

They make the online sale of olive seedlings, through their own virtual store.

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They have a minimum order of 100 olive plants, for lower orders the collection must be done in the nursery.

Through their store, they sell several models of vibrators and olive straighteners.

On the other hand, they offer advisory services, plantation design and olive tree care.

They also offer olives collection services in your area, with machinery (umbrella vibrator).

Contact Data

Website: viveroscriado.es
Phone: 686 03 57 24
Email: viveroscriado@gmail.com

Other olive nurseries

We consider it interesting for our users to add more information about olive nurseries, so we have carefully reviewed some interesting companies.

Olive trees of Badajoz

Olivos de BadajozDedicated to the production and marketing of olive plants.

They are an international projection nursery, they produce certified olive plants that they sell to end customers and also to other nurseries.

They sell an interesting range of olive seedlings:

Arbosana, Arbequina, Cornicabra, Frantoio, Carrasqueño de la Sierra, Cobrançosa, Hojiblanca, Koroneiki, Manzanilla Cacereña, Manzanilla de Sevilla, Pico Limón, Picual, Verdial de Badajoz.

Contact Data

Website: olivosdebadajoz.com
Phones: 924 14 70 25 and 680 991 805
Email: olivos@olivosdebadajoz.com

CordoPlant nurseries

Nurseries CordoPlant, olive nurseries Córdoba, JaénFounded in 2004, this Cordoba company is dedicated to the production of certified olive plants, obtained by fogging. In addition to the national business, they are expanding internationally (Morocco and Portugal).

They have for sale the following olive plants:

Arbosana, Arbequina, Ocal, Changlot Real, Cornicabra, Cobrançosa, Empeltre, Frantoio, Gordal Sevillana, Manzanilla de Sevilla, Hojiblanca, Koroneiki, Marteño-Picual and Picudo.

Contact Data

Website: viveroscordoplant.com
Phones: 618 199 383
Email: info@viveroscordoplant.com

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