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Olive Tree of Badajoz, olive grove centenaryThe variety of olive Verdial of Badajoz, is cultivated mainly in Extremadura.

The olive tree Verdial de Badajoz, has in the community of Extremadura a crop extension of approximately 30,000 Hectares.

The Verdial and mixed-use olive is recognized, being valid for both table olives and for producing oil.

Synonymies or names received by the variety of Verdial olive tree from Badajoz

Verdial from Badajoz olive tree is known with the names Zorzaleño, Original, Mollar, Chamomile Rabuda and Macho.

Olive variety Verdial de Badajoz, branch with olives

The Verdial olive of Badajoz has very similar characteristics is the Verdial olive of Huévar. However, it presents differences in terms of productivity, would win, resistance to tuberculosis and olive fly.

The olive tree Verdial de Badajoz is of high and constant productivity, however, Verdial de Huévar is of low and alternating production. On the contrary, the olive Verdial de Huévar is resistant to Repilo, Tuberculosis and fly, being Verdial de Badajoz sensitive to these diseases.

Characteristics of the Verdial Olive Tree of Badajoz

Verdial de Badajoz, is an olive variety of great interest in Extremadura. The production of Verdial olives has historically had a mixed use (green dressing and oil production). The large size of the Verdial olive makes it appreciated as a table olive. However, its high fat yield , far superior to the olive variety Manzanilla Cacereña puts it in a better position for oil production.

Productivity: Verdial de Badajoz is a variety of olives of high productivity and entry into slow production.

Regularity of bearing: when the Verdial olive is harvested for table olives, the olive trees are rested soon and have constant productions. In general, Verdial olive of Badajoz has a good regularity.

Flowering: The Verdial olive tree is medium flowering. To get a good fruit set it is good to plant with other olive varieties.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Verdial de Badajoz is of medium-high vigor, erect bearing and thick cup.

Plantation framework: adapts well to intensive frames in fresh drylands or rainy areas.

Leaf: Badajoz Verdial olive variety has a leaf of length long, width medium and elliptical-lanceolate form.

Diseases: the Verdial olive tree of Badajoz, has a low resistance at Verticillium, Repilo and tuberculosis.

It has a high resistance to the drought.

Verdial olive tuberculosis

High susceptibility to fly attacks, preferably over the Manzanilla Cacereña olive and Picual.

Multiplication: more complex compared to other olive varieties, due to its poor rooting. It is used as a rootstock because of its high resistance to drought.

Verdial olive, morphological characteristics

Maturation: the variety of olive Verdial de Badajoz is of maturation late.

Size: The size of the green olive, is large, with fruits of high weight (7 grams ).

Shape: Verdial olives are asymmetric, elongate and ovoidal.

Verdial Olive, Verdial de Badajoz, photo olives green

Skin color: Verdial de Badajoz, reaches maturity with the color vinous red. The Verdial olive variety presents abundant lenticels.

Pulp: With a pulp / bone ratio high, Verdial olives have excellent dressing characteristics.

Peduncle: The peduncle of the Verdial olive from Badajoz is very long .

Yield: the Verdial Olive of Badajoz has a very high yield (22%). Outperforming the variety of Cornicabra olive.

Collection: it has a medium resistance to detachment, being necessary to support the collection machinery.

Uses: Badajoz’s Verdial variety has double aptitude (oil and table olive production). As a table olive, they are usually seen as machás olives and sweetened with water.

Taste: The Verdial olive tree from Badajoz produces an Extra Virgin Oil of excellent quality. With aromas to green olives and almonds, it has a very pleasant flavor (sweet, fruity and slightly spicy).

Properties: Verdial oil is rich in linoleic acid and has high stability.

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