Leccino olive tree

Italian olive variety Leccino, Lecino olive treeLeccino olive tree, is a variety of olive tree of Italian origin (Frantoio, Pendolino…). It is considered one of the most rustic Italian varieties and its cultivation extends mainly through the regions of Umbria and Tuscany.

Currently, the Leccino variety is expanding in the Italian regions of Lazio, Puglia, Abruzzo, Campania and Marche.

Leccino, too, is spread throughout much of the world, thanks to its good adaptability.

According to a Italian studyLeccino olive tree is resistant to Xylella Fastidiosa. Leccino is genetically tolerant to bacteria, by activating the immune defenses necessary to fight this bacterial infection.

Curiosities: When the Leccino olive is harvested before maturity, it produces an extra virgin olive oil, fruity and of excellent quality. Harvested ripe, Leccino olive oil is sweet, soft and sparsely fruity.

Names or synonyms: Leccio, Premice, Silvestrone are the synonyms used primarily.

Characteristics of the Leccino Olive Tree

The variety of olive Leccino, is interesting for its good adaptability, high productivity and oil of good characteristics.

Productivity: Leccino olive tree, is a variety early and productive.

Regularity of bearing: Leccino olive variety has constant productions.

Flowering: the Leccino olive is self-sterile and flowering early. In Italy they are used as pollinator varieties Morchiaio, Frantoio, Pendolino, Maurino and Moraiolo.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: It has a vigor high and is open bearing, rather weeping. The density of the cup is high. The new plantations are carried out in frames of 6×6 meters (280 plants / ha).

Leaf: Leccino has the leaf of form elliptic-lanceolate, with average length and width.

Diseases: The Leccino olive tree tolerates cold well, the repilo and the tuberculosis. It has high sensitivity to the ​​black scale and bold.

Multiplication: Leccino olive plant has good rooting capacity.

Leccino olives, morphological characteristics

The Leccino olives, have good characteristics for oil production and can also be used for dressing.

Italian olives Leccino, Lecino olivesMaturation: Leccino olive tree has early maturation.

Size: Leccino olives have medium size (2-4 grams) . There are clones with larger olives (up to 5 grams).

Shape: Leccino olive is elliptical and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: the variety of Leccino olives, ripens with black color.

Pulp: detaches the bone well from the pulp.
The pulp/bone ratio is medium-high depending on the clone.

Yield: Leccino olives have low-medium yield (16-19%).

Collection: olives Leccino has low resistance to detachment, positive aspect for harvesting with vareadores or trunk vibrators.

Uses: Leccino olives are mainly used for olive oil production.

Advantages: The Leccino olive tree is of early, high and constant production. Oil valued by consumers. Good adaptation to the ground, resistance to diseases and ease of collection.

Disadvantages: The olive does not have a high fatty yield.

Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

The characteristics of the Extra Virgin Leccino olive oil vary depending on the time of collection.

Oil Extra virgin olive oil Leccino monovarietal carafe 5 liters, Lecino olive oil, Lecino EVOOWhen the olive is partially collected green the oil is more aromatic and the more intense flavor. When it is collected completely ripe, the oil becomes sweet and soft.

Taste: Extra Virgin olive oil Leccino is something sweet and has a harmonic spicy and bitter taste. Among the aromas we can distinguish, escarole, artichoke, almond and black pepper.

Properties: It has an average polyphenol content and is high in oleic acid (75%).

Price: Leccino EVOO is sold in Italy at prices between € 10 and € 25/liter.

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