Cerasuola olive tree

Cerasuola olive tree (Sicily)Cerasuola olive tree is one of the typical varieties of Sicily, with some 27,000 hectares of olive groves today. Its cultivation is mainly focused on the Sicilian provinces of Agrigento, Palermo and Trapani.

Names or synonyms: Cerasuola olive tree is also called: Marfia, Allora, Purrittara, Ogliarola, Cerasara, Grappusa, Ogliara, Nocellara, Ugghiara, Palermitana, Ugghiarola and Ugghiara.

Characteristics of the Cerasuola Olive Tree

The Cerasuola olive tree has good productive characteristics, olive oil is of quality and is protected through several PDOs.

Productivity: Cerasuola olive variety is of medium precocity and good production.

Regularity of bearing: Cerasuola is a variety of olive trees with regular production (shortly).

Flowering: The Cerasuola olive has intermediate flowering and is androesteril (does not produce pollen). Among other pollinators, olive varieties Biancolilla, Giarraffa and Nocellara del Belize.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Cerasuola is of medium-high vigor, vertical bearing and medium cup.

Sheet: Cerasuola has sheets of elliptical-lanceolate and medium size.

Diseases: Cerasuola olive tree has good resistance to cold and drought, however, it is sensitive to tuberculosis.

Cerasuola olive, morphological characteristics

The Cerasuola olive has characteristics that in principle could make the variety suitable for mixed use, however, its use is the production of oil.

Maturation: Cerasuola olive variety is early maturation.

Cerasuola oliveSize: the variety of Cerasuola olive is medium size (3.5 grams). Some fruits can exceed 4 grams.

Shape: The Cerasuola olive is slightly asymmetric, spherical and with an absent nipple. According to other sources, olives are elliptical and asymmetrical, although the images found do not match this statement.

Skin color: Cerasuola olive, matures with violet-black skin. It has abundant lenticels and small size.

Pulp: its pulp / bone ratio is good (positive aspect for olive oil production), however, it is not a variety used for dressing.

Yield: Cerasuola olive has olives medium-high yield (18-20%).

Uses: Olives are only used for oil production in oil mill.

Advantages: Productivity, performance and drought resistance.

Disadvantages: Tuberculosis sensitive.

Cerasuola Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monovarietal Cerasuola Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cerasuola olive oilThe Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cerasuola, is a good quality oil. The variety is protected by protected designations of origin (PDO) Val di Mazara and Valli Trapanesi.

Taste: fruity, bitter and spicy with a medium-low intensity scale.
With main aromas of olive leaf and tomato, together with secondary tones of artichoke, tomato and green almond.

Properties: The Cerasuola olive oil has a high composition in oleic acid (76%) and has a high concentration of polyphenols (430).

Price: it is possible to find monovarietal extra virgin olive oil Cerasuola at a price of € 25-50 / liter.

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