Ravece Olive tree

Ravece olives, Ravece olive treeRavece olive tree is a centennial olive variety spread mainly in the Italian provinces of Campania (Naples) and Avellino (Irpinia).

In Irpinia is the main variety, with about 60% of the olive grove area, ahead of more popular varieties such as Ogliarola, Leccino or Frantoio. The first testimonies about the origin of the Ravece olive variety date from the 16th century in Irpina, where it has been cultivated for about 500 years.

Names or synonyms: The Ravece olive tree is also known by: Curatone, Curatona, Ravece di Ariano Irpino (in Avellino), Olivona and Ravaiola.

Characteristics of the Ravece Olive Tree

Productivity: The Ravece olive variety is medium production entry and of medium-high productivity.

Regularity of bearing: The Ravece olive tree has regular productions (it is not very true).

Flowering: The date of maturation is average and is self-sterile. It is usually pollinated with olive varieties Pendolino and Maurino.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The Ravece olive tree has medium-low vigor, is erect bearing and has a medium-low canopy density.

Leaf: Ravece has the leaf of elliptical-lanceolate, of medium size.

Diseases: Ravece olive tree has good drought resistance and repilo, is moderately sensitive to tuberculosis and has certain sensitivity to fly attacks.

Multiplication: It has a good rooting ability.

Ravece olive, morphological characteristics

Maturation: Ravece olive variety has late maturation.

Size: Ravece olive has the olive of medium size (3 grams).

Shape: The Ravece olive has a ovoidal shape, elongated and slightly asymmetrical.

Skin color: Ravece olive, matures with skin vinous-violet red. It has numerous and small lenticels.

Pulp: medium to good pulp / bone ratio, although not used for dressing.

Yield: Ravece olive olives have average yield (15-17%).

Collection: the resistance to detachment is medium.

Uses: It is used for oil production, well valued for its organoleptic characteristics.

Advantages: little sensitive to drought and repilo. Olive oil appreciated.

Disadvantages: insufficient yield, less productive than other varieties.

Ravece Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ravece, monovarietal, ravece evo, revece olive oilThe Extra Virgin Olive oil Ravece, is an oil very well valued by consumers.
Its flavor is fruity of medium-high intensity with spicy and bitter characters of medium level. It is possible to detect aromas that remind us of tomatoes, green grass and more subtle artichokes and green almonds.

Properties: Ravece olive oil is composed of a medium-high percentage of oleic acid (73-76%) and has a presence important of polyphenols (470).

Price: different Italian brands can be found with Ravece monovarietal oil, this Extra Virgin olive oil can be purchased at € 15-20 / liter.

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