Frantoio olive tree

Frantoio olive tree, deep ripening, Italian olive varietyFrantoio olive tree, is an Italian olive variety, originally from the Tuscany region.

Although its number of plantations grows, in Spain its presence is still minority.

Copies of the Frantoio olive tree can be found around much of the planet. In addition, planting in areas with problems of Verticillium is very interesting (Frantoio is resistant).

The Frantoio olive variety contains a Extra Virgin olive oil of high stability and excellent quality, highly valued in Italy and the rest of the world.

Curiosities: the name”Frantoio“indicates that it is a olive variety for mills or grinding. In Italian”Frantoio“means oil mill (oil mill).

Names or synonyms: The Frantoio olive tree is known by different names depending on the growing area: Infrantoio, Comune, Oliva Lunga, Pignatello, Rajo, Solciaro, Fine Bresa, Correggiolo, Crognolo, Frantoiano, Gentile, Laurino, Nostrato, Pendaglio, Raggio, Raggiolo, Razza, Razzo, Stringona.

Characteristics of the Frantoio Olive Tree

The olive variety Frantoio is rustic and also has very good characteristics for the oil production

Productivity: Frantoio olive tree, is early in production early and has high productivity. The entry into production suffers climatic influences, with delays in hot and dry areas. On the other hand, compared to other varieties, Frantoio requires a greater amount of chill hours to obtain maximum productive potential.

Regularity of bearing : the variety of Frantoio olive has regular productions (it is not very true ).

Flowering: The olive tree Frantoio is medium flowering and its pollen is self-compatible.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the olive variety Frantoio has vigor medium and porte weeping.

Leaf: the Frantoio olive tree has the flat leaf, elliptical, length medium >and average width.

Diseases: Frantoio is considered a variety of rustic olive tree, with very high tolerance to Verticillium and good resistance to anthracnosis. On the other hand, it is sensitive to repilo, tuberculosis, olive fly and cold.

Multiplication: The Frantoio plant has a good rooting capacity, an aspect that facilitates obtaining Frantoio olive plants in the nurseries.

Frantoio olives, morphological characteristics

Frantoios olive are highly appreciated in Italy for its Extra Virgin olive oil, with excellent organoleptic characteristics.

Maturation: Frantoio is a late-ripening olive tree .

Size: Frantoio olives are of average weight or size .

Shape: The shape of the Frantoio olive is elliptical and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: the Frantoio olives, matures in stages (from the base to the nipple) and the skin reaches maturity the color vinous red.

In addition, olives have numerous small lenticels.

Pulp: Frantoio is not considered a good variety of olive for dressing.

Peduncle: The Frantoio olive variety has a long peduncle, usually with small supporting leaves.

Frantoio Olives, Olive Harvest, Italian Variety Frantoio

Yield: Frantoio olive tree produces olives with fat yields medium-high (21%).

Collection: Frantoio olive has medium resistance to detachment.

Uses: Frantoio is a variety of aptitude for oil mill.

Advantages: Very resistant to Verticillium, high and regular productivity, in addition, its EVOO is highly appreciated and stable.

Disadvantages: Cold needs superior to those of many areas of Andalusia.

Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

The Frantoio EVOO is very much appreciated in Italy, where you get good prices for sale.

Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 500ml oil bottle

It presents a set of flavors and smells characteristic and pleasant, highly valued by consumers worldwide.

Taste: Frantoio Extra Virgin olive oil has a fruity flavor with bitter and spicy notes. You can remind us of various flavors and smells: fresh herb, tomato, lettuce, artichoke, apple, grain, rosemary, celery and almond.

Properties: Frantoio olive oil is from dark green color and has very high stability, of the order of the varieties of Picual olive, Cornicabra, Arróniz, Verdial Olive… Therefore, it is considered a good olive oil for frying.

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