Ogliarola Messinese olive tree

Ogliarola Messinese olive treeOgliarola Messinese olive tree is widely spread in Sicily (place of which it is native), especially in the northern area of ​​Sicila (Palermo and Messina), with areas where the presence of Messinese in the Olive grove accounts for more than 80%. Within Sicily it is widespread, even in the south (Agrigento) and center (Enna). It is also possible to find plantations of this variety in Calabria.

It is one of the most present olive varieties in Sicily, next to Nocellera Etnea, Biancolilla, Moresca, Cerasuola, Nocellara del Belize and Tonda Iblea.

Names or synonyms: Ogliarola Messinese olive tree is also called: Ugghiara Messinese, Pattese, Calamignara, Messinese, Terminisa, Oliva Reale, Aliva grossa, Raffu, Oliva di Castru., Nostrale, Castriciana, Messinisa, Terminese, Castrense, Castranese, Ogliara messinese and Pollinese.

Features of the Ogliarola Messinese Olive Tree

The Ogliarola Messinese olive tree has good productive characteristics, however, its cultivation is particularly delicate in humid areas, where diseases such as repilo and the fly are more active.

Productivity: The Ogliarola Messinese variety is of medium precocity and good production capacity.

Regularity of bearing: The olive tree Ogliarola Messinese has a average regularity.

Flowering: the flowering time of the olive tree is early and the variety it’s self-compatible.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Messinese olive tree has medium-high vigor, is open bearing and has a high glass density.

Leaf: The Ogliarola Messinese olive variety has elliptic-lanceolate-shaped leaves and medium size.

Diseases: Ogliarola Messinese olive tree resists cold, drought and tolerates olive knot, however, is affected by the reptile and the fly (especially in the humid environment climates).

Multiplication: The Ogliarola Messinese olive plant has low rooting capacity.

Ogliarola Messinese olive, morphological characteristics

The Ogliarola Messinese olive is mainly used for olive oil production. However, it is also considered suitable for table, dressing both green and black.

Maturation: The Ogliarola Messinese olive variety has early maturation.

Size: Ogliarola Messinese has the olive of large size.

Shape: The Messinese olive variety is elliptical, slightly asymmetric and with a nipple.

Skin color: Messinese, reaches maturity with the color black, dotted with wine-red areas. The Ogliarola Messinese olive variety features numerous and large lenticels.

Pulp: of sufficient quality for double destination.

Yield: Ogliarola Messinese olive olives are high yielding (over 20%).

Collection: Ogliarola Messinese olive has little resistance to detachment.

This aspect facilitates the collection through agricultural machinery.

Uses: Mainly Ogliarola Messinese is dedicated to the production of olive oil, thanks to its good fat yield.

Advantages: productive and high yielding variety.

Disadvantages: Sensitivity to diseases.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ogliarola Messinese

The Extra Virgin Ogliarola Messinese olive oil, is medium fruity with a level of mild bitter and moderately spicy. You can find aromas of artichoke and green grass.

Coupage of Extra Virgin olive oil, Sicilian variety Ogliarola Messinese, Ogliorola olive oilProperties: The composition of the Ogliarola Messinese olive oil is high in < strong>oleic acid (74%) and medium-high presence of polyphenols (330).

Price: Ogliarola Messinese Extra Virgin olive oil is found in Sicilian coupages at sales prices of 10-20 € / liter.

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